Gels - File off or Soak Off - which do you think are the best??


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Bev Rose

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Aug 26, 2004
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As you may of seen from other posts I'm looking into gel.

I've done L&P for nearly 4 yrs and think it's time i offered an alternative to gain extra gel clients.

I am a Creative gal & Brisa is a file/buff off.

I'm looking at all options and wondered what you gel gals think are the differences to the two types of gel.
As in strength & durability plus ease of use & longevity & look i guess.
Being a total novice in gel, i don't know the first thing about it.

I'm often told it's not as strong as L&P, I cannot say this to clients having never experienced it first hand.

Is it as strong as L&P or not?

All comments welcome.....
Thanks Noodle...I'd forgotten about that, and i did read it when Amb did it.

It's a fascinating read to say the least.

I'd still like feedback from the original question tho geeks.......xx
Hi Bev.

I only do a soakable gel (bio) and I dont do a file off. Chose only to go with one initially because that is one option that my competitors dont offer and as I am not a nail specialist it wasnt feasable to go with more than one at present.

I do feel if I was a nail specialist then I would want to go with a soakable and a file off gel as they both really do different jobs.

IMHO - Soakable really work best for NNOs and file offs I believe work better with tips than the softer soak offs.
I've used both file off (NSI) and soak off gels (Bio Sculpture), but on a personal level, prefer the soak off one-phase variety.

At the end of the day, I'm just much happier and more confident using Bio.
my opinion is this....

if your happy with l+p i dont see the advantage of you taking on FILE OFF gel....other than gel toes and hairdressers etc who may not suit l+p.

My bet would be go for a soak off gel....perfect for nno's, scuplting and toes .....most manicure clients will go for gel over polish if you explain the advantages ( dry straight away, lasts 3 times longer, add's strength to natural nails, no chipping splitting, peeling etc)

The only ones worth considering are Calgel and BIO. imho

Both about the same price, bio does much nicer colours, calgel is better all round though...... on the strength front and the ability to 'file' front.

Good luck matey !
I prefer file off gel.....i have used soak off gels in the past and my clients hated soak off did i..(although the soak off gel i used HAD to be soaked off after 2 fills as they couldn't be filed as it tore and so became too thick)

I just think that once its on the nail, what reason do you have to want to remove it...?...of all my regular clients i cant think of 1 time i have felt the need the remove them so i don't see how being able to soak it off would benefit me.

I can understand the colour gels need this option as people wouldn't want the same colour forever....but with clients who wish to have colour i just use enamel over the enhancement and then they can remove that and change it whenever they want to....and its cheaper than colour gels.

just my views. xx
Thanks all of you for your views on this.

I'm greatful for your imput.

I prefer Calgel soak off.Ive been having a play with hard gels recently and remember why i didnt like it.When things start to look thick and unbalanced its so much easier to soak off and start again especially when someone wants a different colour.

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