glam/flirties/i-lash which one?


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Aug 2, 2010
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I really want to do an eyelash extension course but don't know which one! I really like the idea of the glam lash in a flash products as well as the standard eyelash extensions.

Does anyone know any other company that does both individual plus the less permanent 2 weeks lashes? I can't get through to glam lashes to discuss training despite calling several times and leaving v/mails and emails.

I've had an email back from i-lash for a training course but I can't get a model for that certain day! Altho the training and full kit is only 299 which I think is very reasonable altho I'm not sure if they do there own version of flash lashes?!

Sorry for the very long post but I want to get it right :) any info would be great!

I completed my training last wednesday. I googled it and found my course (which is Guild accredited) and it was privately through a salon. It was 1-2-1 training an was only £100 - i found it very good!

I took a marvel lash starter kit with me which has the main bits a bobs in - the lashes are good however, i bought i glue through flirties which was the ecpert strenght one and so far really good! In total my training and kit and £170!

I placed an order last night for some different lashes and micro brushes etc and i went through lash products UK - really cheap and apparently really good!xx
I've had the same problems trying to contact Glam Lash for nearly 2 weeks! AH Francis do semi permanent and express. I decided to give up on Glam Lash and try them but they haven't got back to me either.
Not sure what I'll do now as I refuse to chase a company to try to give them MY money!!!

Guess I'll be sticking with semi permanent for now and giving up on the express lashes for a bit
I sent Glam another email this morning and they have replied with dates available 10 mins after my post! Must have been luck. Thanks for the tips ladies x
i trained with glam lash a couple of months ago and i must say the training was great and ive had no problems contacting my trainer when ive need some extra advice, BUT ive never had a full order yet they are always out of stock on alot of things and after around 6 weeks im still waiting for a refund and ive had no response from them regarding this !! im now considering changing company's as i need to order more things but with them already oweing me money im reluctant to order more !

think you need to think about the full after care experience and not just the training xx
Flirties are really good at the moment and when ordering you normally receive next day if ordered early enough. I have never had problems with ordering or with being able to get hold of my trainer for advice or even if I've had to ring head office they are always quick to reply.
hi, whats the flirties glue like ? i do like the look the glam glue gives and the lashes i do last ages just it seems to take for ever for the glue to dry. do you have to use a sealer with the flirties glue ? xx
Thats a bit worrying if they are running out of stock! Do flirties also do their own version of flash lashes?
Just had to put in a good word for AH Francis, I trained with them about 2 months ago and they were fantastic, I went through the Carlton Institute, Ive never had any problems getting through to them and have ordered twice and recieved products the next day, I think they may have been in the more expensive range for training but you get your kit aswell and all I would say is you get what you pay for. All in all I would recommend AH Francis any day :0))))
As far as i know we dont do the fast lashes and the adhesive is lovely and sets at a nice rate for me also there is no fumes so it is more comfortable for your clients.
As far as i know we dont do the fast lashes and the adhesive is lovely and sets at a nice rate for me also there is no fumes so it is more comfortable for your clients.

Thanks caz maybe we can discuss some training when you come round to do our tan training next week :)
yep no probs Natalie :):)
after reading your thread i decided to email glam lashes dirctly and i must say they emailed straight back and have refunded me. i have been going through lou and i do appreciate she is very busy so i think if i have any probs i will just go direct from now on x

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