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sorry debs
just remembered about letting zones dry :shock: :oops:
unlike when doing white & pinks, it is best to do all your zone 1s first, then clean your brush & then do zones 2&3. by the time youve come back to 1st nail it will b well dry :D
lol liza xx


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Apr 28, 2003
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calling all you glitter professionals out there, I have been playing with glitter L&P and obviously making a few mistakes.
Do you wait for zone 1 to dry a bit longer than usual before doing zone 2?
Do you use 2 brushes when doing glitter tips, if not, how do you get the glitter out of the brush?
hiya debs
i use glitter in my l&p lots :D
i must get some pics up (when i work out how to :shock: )
i use a master-series brush, which means i can change my brush head.
i also use smaller & bigger brushes when needed.
keep a dappen dish with monomer in to clean brushes.
another tip is to use camera 35mm film tubs to store your different mixes of either pink,white or clear mixes in .
i am waiting 4 the new glitter powders it will save mixing so many :D
lol liza xx
So do I take it from your post that you do use a different brush when doing glitter?
Using film pots is a great idea, I was just beginning to wonder how you keep them all without having to throw away what you don`t use.
Thanks for helping
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