Gold gel?


hi all,
i seen one the pussycat dolls sporting matt gold tips which looked fantastic,can any1 tell me where i can get this colour in gel as all can find is glitter gold xx
all help will be very much appriciated :lol:


Not seen it hun ,and im not sure where your get it from .sorry i cant help you .Im sure someone will have an answer.good luck hun.xx

Vicky Macca

Hi x

I know that CND have a metallic range of l&p...i've seen the type of gold that's caught your eye, but always assumed it was more likely to be a polish or a l&p........if however you have any luck in sourcing it, could you pm me cause I think its really pretty too!
Good luck xx


I would put money on it being Minx ! you can get these nail coverings from sweet squared hth x


Sleepy Geek Zzzzzzzz
colour gels to look for are...

akzentz options

NCO london

Light elegance

pina parie

i bet at least one of those do a gold gel. x

be creative

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You can try envogue sculptred nails they have a colour gel called gold metal.


this is great help every1 thank you very much,
ill have a shop around and see what i can find xx


Ezflow do a matt gold powder. They have a collection called earthstones. Its worth getting for the gold and silver alone, but it has some (about 12 in a pack) beautiful colours. Ezflow powders are designed to work with any monomer as well. hth x


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Pronails have a new champagne Gold gel.