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Jan 11, 2003
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You know it occurred to me this evening as i went to chat - how many good friends I had met and enjoyed via this board. I just though I'd take a moment to tell you all that it DOES mean something and I appreciate what EVERYONE has to offer and what a cool opportunity this is for us all to help one another!! Not meaning to be corny but thanks Sam x :oops:
Thats a lovely thing to say and I`m sure I`m not the only one that can honestly say your fast becoming my best friend, always there for us with kind words and loads of advice. This is an absolutely fantastic place to be and its an addiction I am having to fit in with my schedule
Yes i agree!

Im still pretty new to this board , but ohh gosh what a difference it has made, my work is improving every day reading and re reading all the tips and the wonderful advice from so many wonderful techs here.

Only just today i received a package from michelle_dubbo with some wonderful products to try and it was quite alot!! sent at her own expense!

Nice big lunch coming michelle's way when she comes to Sydney :D

I think this board is a wonderful opportuinty for friendship and knowledge and i for one am so grateful! :D

Kerrie :)
When you spit out your dummy, it is really nice when someone picks it up, dusts it off and gives it back to you.

Thanks Samantha.
YoYoYO! Chicha!! ;-) Hungover?!?! Bless! lol! That chat was fab last night, especially with 3 of us drinking, lol!

Yea..I mean, if it wasnt for this board..the Nutter Nail Tek Society would never have been made! LOL!

Love always xx

i have made some great friends on here one in particular (groovynails) she rocks we have the same sense of humour and just chat forever to each other via text message or yahoo and of course here

so i must say a big thank you mr geek without this board i would be one less great mate

:salute: :thumbsup:
me too got lots of new nail tech friends, people who understand the obseession with nails and enhancements and the frustration of the smile line,the apex ;) and the lifting and the bad days we all have when nails really get a hold of you round your neck and you just want to scream :shock: ,and you guys understand so i thank you :salute:

there would be a lot of frustrated nail techs in this world with out this board :hit: :hic: :arg: so we salute you mr and mrs geek.

oh and hi to crazy lol
I agree with everything been said thanks to the Sweets we have gained knowledge freinds and a whole lot of fun
Cheers Dawnie xxxxxxxx
I've made a really good freind through this site. We both are in the same situation and by reading the past messages I got in touch and we now email all the time. Its so nice to know there are similar people to yourself don't you think?

Without sounding corny, I would like to say 'Thanks Sweets' as I know you guys pay for it but this site is so friendly and helps newbies and oldies alike! :D
Hear hear" cheers Sam"
And to all of you that contribute, because you all rock !!!!!!!!!
Huggs to ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Strangers are friends, you just havn't met yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
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