Grapes of wrath


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May 25, 2003
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well here ya go you guys, the step by step you bullied me into :biggrin: its the 'grape nail' as featured in this months scratch magazine slightly reworked into the sites format.


Using your Pro Pusher, push back the cuticle and remove any non-living tissue from the surface of the nail. Gently buff the surface of the natural nail with your Grey Fox file, remove the dust and apply two coats of EzBond and two sparing coats of primer.

Form fit

Apply your chosen nail form and sculpt a very thin tip using A Polymer clear powder.
This will give us the finished length and shape of the nail to allow better placement of the design and also give an easier working surface.

Pickn' the good ones

Double Dip to form the individual grapes. Dip your brush into Q Monomer, drain off any excess monomer and roll to a perfect point – you will be using the tip of the point to pick up tiny beads of product.
First dip the tip of your brush into your Competition White powder to pick up a small bead, next dip this bead into your Amethyst powder from the Gemstones collection, again only picking up a tiny amount.

This will give you a two-colour bead.

Place your double dipped bead onto the nail and form into a small, round dome. Continue until the bunch is finished. To add depth I also added double dip bead using Sapphire and then Amethyst, both from the Gemstone collection.

Completing the picture

Once the main bunch is completed, add smaller bunches on the nail bed or in any areas you wish to fill space. For these I used Competition White and Peridot from the Gemstones collection. For the stems and vines, use small beads of Rocky Mountain from the Earthstones collection and form into you desired shapes.

From grapes to wine.

With A Polymer Clear powder, cap the entire nail, protecting the design and building the structure. Once the correct point has been reached, pinch the ‘c’ curve into the body of the nail.

Finish file and refine the surface of your nail with your Grey Wolf file, graduating down to the Grey Fox, helping to remove any deep file marks in the nail. Buff the nail smooth with your Sand Shark buffer and finish to a high shine with the Snow Monkey and Miracle Shine combo or your Pro Shiner. Apply two coats of UV30 to the surface and underside of the nail.

And there you have it. Good enough to eat ;)


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Yummy, maybe you can show me this one soon!
Superb! Very original. Thank you.
Awesome Ant! Cheers!
That is beautiful Ant, thanks for the tutorial
Wow that is great, would look lovely in the summer months...well done and thanks for sharing!
this is lovely, have seen it in scratch, but have never found it on here !!
ace x
That's why I bumped this one back up........this deserves some recognition.:)

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