Greenies on the finger nail to work on or not?


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Oct 30, 2006
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Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
Needing some clarification about fungal nail infections, have been reading through lots of threads some people are saying do not work on the client send directly to GP, which I was taught but a few others are saying that its ok to file down the greenie and re apply enhancement on top. I'm majorly confused lol can someone please tell me what I should be doing? lol
Reason I'm asking is salon I rent space in has booked in a client, but client showed theripst greenie! she had been getting enhancements done for years and I thought she probably got it from pocket lifting, anyhoo I said to call her back and advise to go see GP, would I still be ok to remove the set she has on? even if I can't put a new set on?
If its fungal infection then refer to gp never do a treatment on a client with an infection. Sometimes when you get a green staining between the enhancement and natural nail this can be buffed away and treatment continued but a true greenie is not for the tech to deal with.
Thanks Lelli, but how do you know if its a true greenie or just a stain?
Can you tell me if I've got this correct lol a greenie is just a green stain that you can work on as long as you do it in a saintary manner, but the fungal infection may also be green but crumbly to and definilty to be refered ? so green stain work on, green stain and crumbly dont work on ? lol sorry to sound daft just want to be 100% sure x
A bacterial infection sits on top of the nail plate and is not invasive....its basically staining where the bacteria has fed on oils and contaminants on the nail plate..... a fungal infection is evident if the nail plate is lifting (Onycholisis)and the fungal spores are invading the cavity between the nail plate and the nailbed.....Fungal infections on fingers are very rare as the conditions for this, a dark, warm moist environment are not really present...but it can happen and if this is the case, refere to a Dermatologist for culture analysis....GP's bless em, are not to hot with this xxx

Well if you were waiting round her for a dermatology appointment, if there was anything seriously wrong your hand would drop off first. I had dermatology on the phone this morning offering me an appointment tomorrow, I have been on the list since January 2006... over 18 months, there is now an 80 week waiting list.
It sounds like you might be mixing up a "greenie" (which is a bacterial infection commonly found on the fingernail plate underneath the enhancement), and a fungus, which is rarely found on the fingernail, but often on toenails; it's not ever green, to my knowledge, but tends to be whitish, with flaking and debris under the nail, and thickening and lifting of the nail plate.

The "greenies", the stain left over from the pseudomonas bacteria, are caused if the nail is not cleansed properly during prep, leaving pathogens behind, and then sealing them between the nail plate and enhancement; also if the enhancement lifts and the bacteria gets underneath and is allowed to grow. USUALLY, you can remove the enhancement, exposing the bacteria to oxygen (which kills it), cleanse it thoroughly with your nail prep (Scrubfresh is the tops for this because of the pathogen fighters in it), and reapply your enhancement product. I don't usually buff the stain much, because it can take too many layers of nail plate away.

Also, if this is a very dark green, or brown stain, I would just remove the enhancement and leave it bare to grow out before applying anything else. Generally, the deeper color the stain, the farther the bacteria has "eaten" into the nail plate. So you have to use your judgement on whether to work on it.

In the U.S., our licenses could be at risk if we work on even the lightest bacterial "stain." The fact is, we're not doctors, so we can't "treat" nail infections of any kind. This is straight from Doug Schoon's mouth, too, if I understood him correctly at the trade show I saw him at in May. So there's something else to chew on! :D

Gee, was that long-winded enough for yeh? LOL.
Client came in yesterday for another treatment, had a look and it does look a little flakey to me, so told her to got the gp, dont want to make it any worse lol

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