grim ghost lines!


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Nov 7, 2003
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hi there
can anyone help me? I am having trouble with what i think you call ghost lines....when i apply my tip, the join is very visible. I have done a search for this subject and despite reading the posts and anthony buckley's article in nails a couple of months ago, i am still struggling. My problem was particularly noticable on a client i did last night...she has pretty short but not bitten nails and despite filing out the well on velocity tips to only a tincy wincy bit and pre blending, then gentle blending once applied, the join was SCREAMING at me! I currently use 5-second glue by IBD, should i try a pink gel type glue. Help pleaseeeeeee!
The adhesive you are using is very thin and you may not be applying enough of it or enough pressure to get a complete bond. It is a certainty that air is trapped under the tip. If a Velocity tip is adhered correctly, it should almost be invisible on the nail before you start to blend it.

Pink GelBond is easier to use than a thin adhesive and the colour does enhance the look so that less blending is required too.

I myself do not pre-blend Velocity tips as they are so easy and quick to blend anyway I do not find it necessary - I also think it is easier to 'see' what you are doing and what's going on under there when you apply the tip, if you have not pre-blended.
thanks geeg
do you recommend i cut out the well using curved scissors or file it away? I am trying to leave a tiny well of about this right? The ghost lines aren't so visible if my clients have a good free edge to start with, but those that don't they are looking bad! :(
thanks for your help.
Hi again geeg
i stated in my post that i was using velocity tips - i meant to say Eclipse tips..should i pre-blend eclipse?
If there is a free edge and I apply with the well cut out to match the free edge, then I hardly blend at all. I always use a white or soft white powder to disguise the tip, so there is no need to blend. I leave what ever amount is equal to the amount of free edge on the tip.

On a short nail where it is not appropriate to remove the well of the tip, you can indeed remove part of the well, by either filing or using curved scissors (I use scissors ... I personally find it faster and more accurate). If this is the method you prefer, then I would, when convenient, change to Velocity tips. They suit most people (95%?). Look super whether oval or square or soft-square etc. So much of the work has been done for you with this tip ... filing is left to a minimum.

Eclipse tips are specifically designed for high arched nail plates and because they naturally want to spring back into that shape, this could well account for the whitish look you are getting under the contact area. They are not fitting the nail plates and springing back into shape and sucking air in as they spring up. Eclipse is not a tip that universally fits everyone so it is a mistake to try and make it do what it was not designed to do .. But man, when you get one of those clients with high arched plates, they are the business.

Pink GelBond is also wonderful for filling in any gaps that otherwise might show up when using a thin adhesive. Hope this has helped!! ;)
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