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Jan 10, 2003
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Groovynails asked me to put a post up for her as she forgot to say she will be away on her hols for a few days

Have a good time matey
:D :p
Have a good one babe and if you cant be good be carefull :D
Take care Dawnie xxxx
Have a good one babe...............
as Dawnie said...........and if you can't be carefull ........get a pram.......

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
have a wicked time away and we all wanna hear about it when you get back. so sit back relax and enjoy ............

love faye xxxxxxxx
Enjoy your holiday, Groovynails, and don't forget to send me a postcard. ;)
ruth wrote
and if you can't be carefull ........get a pram.......

well ruth you so right ;) looks like im gonna be needing one :D

found out just before we went away
and you guys are the first to know.had a brill time very relaxing

(got home about 15 mins ago and just had to check posts)
groovynails said:
(got home about 15 mins ago and just had to check posts)

Bless!!!! Glad yah had a good time Miss Groovy Chicha!!!! :D :D :D

I'm assuming I read that correctly - if so SERIOUS CONGRATS!!!! X Lovely News!! If I am a fruit-loop, just consider me incredibly knackered (maybe I shouldn't say that but it truly is how I feel)!!! :( :oops: :rolleyes:
mrs geek i think i read what you read too lol....

.......but there and again ive had an ill toddler, a 3 mth old puppy and a new bathroom being fitted to contend with today so maybe im going a bit fruit loopy too and reading things too lol

if not congratulations groovynails :thumbsup: im really pleased for you get all them holidays in now before they turn to child friendly only ones lol

best wishes,

collette xxxx
Best Wishes and Congratulations!!

We are the first to know .... how cool is that??? Honoured I am.
I didnt wana say anything before incase I read that all wrong and looked silly LOL


Everyones having babys! Can I be a worldwide babysitter for everyone?!

Well Congrats babe,
nice one.............
another little geek, how fab xxxxxxx

love Ruth xxxx
you guys read right :D and you are first to know i aint even told my mum yet :shock: .

am telling her tomorrow :D

well i had to tell you lot first :trashed:

Great news matey :thumbsup:
ahh bless i am so happy for you both CONGRATULATIONS ........

love faye xxxxxxxxx
Sooo pleased for you. When are you due?
Congratulations Groovy
Great news :thumbsup:
Congratulations Nicola! Wonderful news! Hope you are not feeling too pukeoff !

What with the pictures of Muis lovely baby and now you, I'm getting all broody....time to buy another pet, I think! lol

Best wishes
Sue x
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