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Jan 21, 2003
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Newmarket, Suffolk
Had a lady come in the other day to book an appointment for a new set. She then told me it would be market research for her because she's booked on a course to do nails extensions and nail art but has never had a set of extensions before. So out of interest I ask what course she was doing and where etc. She told me she was going to the local college. Knowing what it's like I cringed. I asked if the course was a national cert course, but she's been told she will get a "diploma". So I asked her how long the course was. One day for the nail art, fair enough, and two days for both gel and acrylic extensions. And the cost? 500 whopping great big ones!
Well I,m gob smacked, two days to learn two systems, walk away with a piece of paper and call yourself a nail tech? I gave the woman the tel no. of Designer Nails and hopes she calls, I think she will.
Is there any likelyhood of some kind of enforcement in this country to ensure that a certain standard of education is given and received before someone can work on the general public?
I get the impression that alot of people are seeing this as a bandwagon to be jumped upon.
Jane ... don't stress.

People have been jumping on the nail band wagon for years because they see ££$$££ in it.
When they have the type of education you describe, they simply... do not succeed.
When there is no passion or love for what they are doing and the only motive is $£$£ ... they don't succeed.
When they have so little respect for what we do that they even THINK they can reach a standard of excellence in 2 days ... they don't succeed.
Forget about them. They are history in a very short time.
The public aren't as easily fooled as you may think - one bad experience in a bad salon and they're off to find another better one.
Same as hair or beauty or anything else.
I agree with you Geeg...but at the same time I'm so tired of people saying they are glad I do gel because acrylic is bad.....I'm so tired of explaining...i give them the whole speech and they still look at me like I came from Mars!
They have had a bad experience at NSS and instead of blaming the PEOPLE they blame the PRODUCT grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
So I finish my explanation...and they say..."well I understand, but gel is better for my nails"...."I like gel better"...while its not the product, it's ME ;) ..and the only reason I don't do L&P pink and whites because I don't have them perfected (yet!)grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

What is wrong with these people???
They don't go around saying that they don't like this hair salon because they use bad scissors (like noone is gonna blame the scissors for a bad haircut...but they blame acrylic for their ruined nails!)

Ok...getting off my soapbox now ;) ...cause I'm getting too excited ;) :hit:
It is strange isn't it that instead of blaming the technician, clients blame the 'product' for nail damage!

Same the world over when it comes to nails - Everyone blames the product - and it's not always the L&P system they blame either. Is it what clients are told by the next technician who sees them (excluding you of course lol)? Is it because they don't understand anything about our systems and its all a big mystery to them? Is it a natural retisence about putting blame on the individual? As you say, they don't have a problem whn it comes to a bad hair technician!!

Maybe the subject of a good new topic?
Yep I whole heartedly agree with you there girls. 2 Days to become a great Nail Tech...........In your Dreams....... :huh: ..............

Well I,m gob smacked, two days to learn two systems, walk away with a piece of paper and call yourself a nail tech?

Well as my Mum used to say, she will wake up and smell the coffee. :morn:

THINK they can reach a standard of excellence in 2 days ... they don't succeed

Thats like passing your driving test and thinking you can drive a truck, hey some can, but how well is another matter and then they crash. But oh no wasn't their fault, must have been a bad truck. :frust:

Love Ruth ( passes soap box over to someone else)
P.S. It's still Voddy and Orange time, better have another one, :hic:
Hi People
When I first decided to do nail extensions ( I had used an airbrush on and off for years and did some nail art)
I didnt know anything about the sysytems so looked the the Oracle (internet) and found loads of people offering these amazing courses for loads of money>
Like fools and without any prior knowledge of the subject my wife and I booked on a gel course as we were told by the "educator" that it was easy to leARN and everyone was going over to gel anyway.
It cost us £150 each and no products of equipment were offered for future practice. We arrived late at 11.45 ,we were supposed to arrive at 11.00 but were given inaccurate directions. We spent 11/2 hours talking about several photocopied sheets which were mainly contra indications.
hen we were told that there were no models available that day as they were all at a wedding. So we completed one nail each on the "educator" and that was it . We were also shown how to fit tooth jewells the same day. At about 3.30 we were told that we had finished. And were given two certificates each one for gel nails and one for tooth art.
Bear in mind we knew nothing about the nail business and to say the least we were disappointed but thought this was normal. At this point we felt neither confident nor happy with this course and almost decided to give up nails until I met Sue Marsh who advised me to contact the "educator" and ask for reimbursement and contact Creative to book a L/P course. The educator had disappeared . Although all I will say is the course was in SWindon and she is very well known.
Sorry to ramble on but I feel strongly that something needs to be done about these people
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