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May 12, 2003
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Hi Ladies! (And Gents!)

Missed you all like crazy! I have been having serious withdrawal symptoms! :ack:

Stupid blooming AOL messed up whilst trying to set up Broadband and my tinternet has been down for 3WEEKS! :shocker:


Haha! Hope you are all well!

So heres the goss;

I told the lads I was leaving and they told me I was making a huge mistake, taking a huge risk and begged me to stay!
:D I told them that if you don't take risks then there isn't much point in life and that I had made my decision! :tongue:

My last day was on New Years Eve, and 1 of the lads wished me luck and the other hasnt spoke to me since I said I was going! :evil: (No loss there though!) :D

My keys to my new shop were supposed to be ready for January 1st, however there was a slight delay and so now I am getting them TOMORROW! WOO HOO! :goal: :flower: :salute: :sunny: :thumbsup:

I can't wait! I am so excited! I was hoping to be ready to open this Saturday but now it looks like it will be the Saturday after.

I am going to take some photos and get my Step-Dad to help me put them up here so that you can all have a look.

I have been going insane waiting though. I can't get to sleep without getting up in the middle of the night and writing a To-Do list! :morn:

Just think . . . . . . . Tomorrow I will have my own shop! How exciting is that!

Loads of Love & Best wishes to you all!

That's fantastic Vic - well done, lots of love and the best of luck :salute:

The shop I worked for has now ceased trading! I knew they would. I am secretly pleased because that proves to me that I was right and that I have made the right decision.

And I know that I have learnt from their mistakes and that I have a lot more about me to make my business work. (And they thought they'd hired a dumb nail tech who didn't know anything!) Ha! We'll teach them a thing or two when they are still working as Bar managers and Nail techs take over the world! Mwah ha ha! :twisted:

They say they have had to sell up early because I left which is just a pile of doggy doody! Because they were going to sell anyway. But if they want to blame me that is okay, it must be hard for them to know that their 'Dumb Nailtech' is going to make a better go of things than they did!

Which just goes to show, what goes around comes around and sometimes you just have to ride through the doggy doody to get to where you want to be. :D
Well done BN03

The best of luck to you in your new venture :thumbsup:
Right on Sista! ;)
I wish you all the best of luck.........
You will be brill and your Salon will be the talk of the town.........
As I say never under estimate the power of a woman...............
Can't wait for the before and after pics babe............

Good luck Vic !!!!!!!!!!!!!
have a Voddy and Orange on me....oh hell have two!!!!!!!!!!!
Well done, i no that if i was going to open a shop of my own i wouldnt be able to sleep at all!!

I cant wait to see the pic's!

All the best for the shop

take care
well done and the best of luck not that youll need it i think youve got your head screwed on and youll love it.maybe see you at one of the mondays in leeds shop for the demos or will you be open on mondays. keep smiling
Ditto to all the above ;)
Yes sir, baby, you can really boogey ;)

Dizzy Dellie
Wow Victoria, I can feel your enthusiasm from here and its great!! You've done really well for yourself and as for the place you were working at closing down.... well.... Doesn't that make you feel good knowing you got out in time!!!!

I can't wait to see some pikkies of your new salon. I bet your soooooo excited!!!

I have been going insane waiting though. I can't get to sleep without getting up in the middle of the night and writing a To-Do list!

I know what you mean there lol! I'm in the process of getting qualified and setting up business at home and my mind is just buzzing like crazy with what I've got to get...... what I've got to do......... its mad!!!! But the waiting.......... that takes the biscuit!! ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Anway..... with all that enthusiasm I'm sure you will have much success and I wish you all the best...... Go girl!! :fire:

xx Tamm
hi congrats on the shop i bet you are soo pleased, let me know where in leeds it is and i'll come and have a nosy,i bet it will be fab,take care and good luck
:goal: CONGRATULATIONS and good luck for the future :D :D
sawasdee ka

Very good luck for new shop i happy you have shop now and future maybe if have problem computor can find internet shop i some time when i out go inside iternet shop look if any body speak some thing but in Thailand 1 baht 1 min and maybe your country exspensive i not sure .

Mui from Thailand
Best of luck Victoria with your new venture, you sound so excited,, I feel that way when I dream of doing what you have done.

Where is it maybe? I would love to pop in and see it when your opened as I am quote local?

Have you done your first day yet?
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