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Dec 17, 2007
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It's Christmas coming up and I've got long hair that's quite straight naturally, and I was wondering whether anyone could give me abit of advice as to what to do with it... It just doesn't want to do much :irked: so I was wondering how to give it abit of body/shape that I can do myself at home. It was suggested by a collegue to back comb is there any other ideas that you can think of as I'm not so keen to do this?

Go to sallys hair and beauty ware house and buy a cylindrical tong by babyliss,
if your hair is long you will need the wider one of the two,
after you have washed and dried your hair use the tong but spray each length with hairspray first,
this will give you a loose ringlet that you can run your fingers through when hair has cooled down and you will end up with lovely loose curls that last ages,
your hair will be really smooth and shiny too as the quality is as good as GHDs hth
Hi after you have washed and dried your long hair
put some heated rollers in all over mixing up the sizes
then when they're cool take them out ,

then get out your hairdryer and starting from the bottom layers of the hair pull pieces straight so you get your length back and blast these pieces with your hairdryer,

then do this to the top layers until you get the sexy tousled look you want
really easy and quick plus it stays in if you spray a good strong lacquer on it before and after rollers

for a fuller look when finishing
tip the head upside down spray lightly with lacquer from 12 inches away let dry , then you can gently tease it in with you're fingers.

Ta da


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