Hard waxing?!


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Feb 3, 2012
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Hi geeks hope u don't mind me popping over from hair ?! I'm a bit stuck ! I had the best wax I've ever had in oz , she didn't use strips , she used a pink wax that set and she kind of picked it off with a little wooden stick ! Would this be hard waxing ? If so do any of you know of any salons that offer this in the north west area , Wigan ? Thanks!
This is hot wax. Most salons will specify on their pricelists if they use hot wax, to highlight it for people who are looking for it.

Hope you get a salon recommendation!
Where in Wigan are you?
I'm in Ashton in Makerfield and use Hot Wax for everything except legs and arms. I use Harley's wax if you want to google it and have a look xx hope that helps xx
It could also be a Lycon Lycojet which is sort of a cross between hard and strip wax, goes on like strip wax, but a strip is not used.
Hi guys thanks much that helps alot!! Becki , I'm in Winstanley , just around the corner , I shall have a look , do u have a website or a contact number ?! I need this wax in my life!!
Hi apologies for the delay. I'm in the process of building my website it's freyjabeauty.co.uk but my pricelist and contact info is on there. By all means pop in too if you're in Ashton xx
If its in Oz and pink (like bubblegum?) It could be Adam and Eve wax! We dont we it here :(

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If its in Oz and pink (like bubblegum?) It could be Adam and Eve wax! We dont we it here :(

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I never heard of that wax, is it good?xxx
Oo well all I know it's the best wax I've ever had !! She was so thorough and it lasted forever !!! It was just how she picked it off with the little wooden stick as opposed to a strip , just felt it was a bit more precise !! X
When you pick it off its hot/hard wax!

i would contact Kim Lawless shes a geek and the best wax trainer! i would ask her if she has a list of trained therapist in your area!
Ooo I'd love to find a Kim Lawless trained waxer in out area. I'd definitely be booking an appointment. Let me know if you find one. Xx
If its almost neon pink wax and smells amazing it could be Just Wax Multiflex Stripless Wax in Berry Pink :)

Lycon is an Aussie company and they have a pink hot wax called so berry that smells of strawberries and cream.

It's a really nice hot wax, and I have heard of some Aussie therapists using a spatula to lift the lip of the wax patch.

Thanks guys , you've all been fab I'll let you know how I get on !! X

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