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Aug 9, 2005
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Hi guys
Nice to see alot of you are doing so well.
I haven't been on here for ages, long story but split up from husband and am having to give up mobile nails and beauty business to care for daughter full time.
I hope to get back into my business soon, worked so dam hard for it!
For now though you'll see a lot of me on geekbay lol as moving to a smaller house and can't possibly take all my stock with me so having to sell lots!
Thanks for all the nail and beauty support you guys have given me over the last few years and hope to be on here soon.
Oh dear, do hope you are ok and not feeling too down about things, these things tend to happen for the best hun,
You look to the future and im sure you will be fine, we are all here for you :hug:
well welcome back hun, sorry to hear you've been through a rough time hope it gets better for you now good luck with everything xx
Hi, sorry to hear your news . These things happen for a reason and we gain strength from the problems in life we overcome.

Keep your chin up, you might be able to work work partime once your little girl starts full time school. You have worked too hard just to have to give it all up.

take care.:hug:
sorry to hear of your news. things can only get better :hug:
I hope things look up for you soon:hug:
Thanks your comments - I'm positive about the future and looking forward to running the business again, sometime soon.

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