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Jul 17, 2007
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Hi, just read a thread, and it got me wandering. Can you use, clear plasic food bags, in your heated mitts? Or do you have to use a stronger plastic, especially for the heated mitts?

I just use food bags/clingfilm with paraffin.

Im sure someone will correct me if im wrong but i would have thought you could use any.

I use the bags you buy from the suppliers but if i run out i have used food bags and /or clingfilm and it has worked just as good if not better. HTH
Thanks for that, I would have thought that any food bag/clingfilm/wrap would have been fine as well. I was just thinking from a heat safety point of view incase pro bags were thicker and that made them safer in some way.

I've used others before and they were ok!! I got caught short when I started at a new salon; there were no bags left and nobody was around to get any etc so had to use the salon carrier bags!!! thankfully the client didnt mind one bit but i was soooooooo embarrassed!!!
I remember not having any and didnt realise so had to nip into the store room and grab the clear bag from around the small couch roll, they were a life saver and the client didnt know any different as her hands fit in like a glove lol
When I bought my mitts there was a shortage of the special bags for mitts so I used foot bags instead and they work, I also use clingfilm and have no problems. In fact I never used the special bags :)
You CAN use cling-wrap (saran wrap).
I like to use Glad freezer bags (not the ziplock variety, it's open at the top to be closed with a twist tie). They're rectangular, and rather long. Easier than dealing with cling-wrap and cheaper than the bags sold intended for the mitts.

They used cling film at the college I trained at... its messy and I prefer to have the bags when ever possible. But it doesn't matter which you use - its down to personal preference :)
yep just use any. I use hairdressing plastic caps. lol
You can probably buy rolls of food/freezer bags at your local cash & carry .... somewhere like Costco.
I use the purpose made bags, they are nice and roomy, which I find particularly useful when removing wax after a paraffin wax treatment.
Nothing escapes and I find they suit me better as they come further up the arm/leg and no wax/creams get on to my mitts.:)
I use the bread freezer bags, they are long and rectangular, plenty of room for hands and feet and much cheaper than the purpose made bags.
I did use the proper ones for a while, they were great but found the same thing for alot less in Tesco!
hth's xx:hug:

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