hello again everyone


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Oct 14, 2006
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:):):) hiya geeks!!! long time no hear!!!!

I am afraid that my computer broke in september 07 and I have just havent had the money to replace it. Last week I felt so out of touch with the world that:) I went and got a laptop! BUT on my creditcard:cry::cry:

Its great too be back though guys!!!!!!
have really missed each and everyone of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Welcome back :hug::green:

I couldn't have lived without my laptop for so long :eek: I would have been straight out and bought one on my credit card as well :lol:

Happy geeking - lots for you to catch up on :green:
Thankyou Snugglepuss its very good to be back! I have found life very boring I can tell you!!! Have also put on lots and lots of weight due to no facebook and no salon geek!!!!!!
Have set up my internet today and now im well away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)

Hope to talk soon S xxx
Great to see you back hun, you'll have lots to catch up with :lol: :hug:
hey Gemma

great to see you bk, dont know how you coped without that pc lol, id of been out the next mornign , my internet is my lifeline lolol

anyway happy geeking hun xxx:lol:
welcome back to the asylum...:lol:

How did you cope????? anyway the past is the past .... nice to see you back xxx
welcome back to the mad house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xx:lol:
Gemma-Marie, hi and welcome back, nice to see you around again :hug:

I really miss this site if we go away for a week, I cannot imagine all those months without it, you poor thing! Well worth hammering the credit card for I reckon :)

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