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Jun 17, 2004
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I am a student, and have been practising on my dear mother,

I applied polycrylics on her nails, she broke one 1/2 way down the nail plate.
I had told her to pay attention to her nails.

On Monday she says that she noticed a black line on her nail , one distinct line with 2 smaller black lines. Nail is also red. She buffed the polycrylic off.

Actually the poly came off of that area when she broke it.

I read the posts about greenies and this doesn't sound like that.
I am having her soak the nail in peroxide and not applying any oils or creams until I hear from you guys.
Please Help.
O.k. After I posted It gave me similar questions.

So does the splinter hemmorages take time to show up?
She broke the nail on July 9th.
She did bend it all the way back.

According to the other post, this will simply have to grow out right?

Have to say again this is the very Best site.!!!
Thanks again.
Yes this does take a little time to show up, but just goes to show she did do damage to her nail when she bent it back. You can re apply tips if you want just be care ful when fileing. Its just lines of blood under the nail plate. They will grow out but take quite a while.

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