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Apr 14, 2003
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Hi girls i think i read somewhere on a post not to use scrub fresh over your fabric#.
once i have bonded and blended tip (please let me use tip blender geeg! :shock: lol its still taking me an age :D or will this make things go realy pear shaped?) i realy am still fighting the urge not to give a quick wipe to make it all fresh as a daisy and totally de dusted before i go placing my fiberglass or silk will this effect the strength of the enhancement or mess up the products chemistry? if so is there any thing i can use to wipe with before continuing merrily on my way?
I also i have tried and tried to get on with the three to the left and three to the right for my brush on blast but my brush still wont stay as it should and is like trying to brush on with a house brick :D is it ok to give it a little jiggle in some acetone as long as i wipe it well before returing it to the blast? or will this do my blast in? your help as always ladies is much appreciated! :D nickki jonesx
Well love why do you want to use scrubfresh over the bond ?????
Scrubfresh is there to clean and dehydrate the nailplate, once the bond and tip are on there is no nail plate to clean, do I make sense lol.........

Scrubfresh on a tip will cause the abs plastic to behave like a naughty child, it can cause splitting and cracking.......................
If you want to de-dust use a spray bottle filled with water and a cloth or tissue to wipe of the left overs........
Tip blender?????
Nickki pre-blend the tips, then you wont ever need to use tip blender........
Tip blender is acetone like and will dissolve plastic but can also lead to product break down, so why risk it ???

Practice tip blending, it will get better I promise you ............

As for the brush, well in this heat I have a little egg cup with acetone.........ok shot me if you all like.................but here is what I do.........
just a little wiggle in the acetone then 3 right 3 left and then back in the bottle....................sofar no problems with the brush on blast........have been doing this since the heat wave got really hot lol..........just don't put the brush dripping in acetone back in the bottle..........

hope this helps
love Ruth xxxxxx
oooo i know hun im so naughty what a habit to get into :twisted: i just like it all to be nice and clean and dust free as i worry about any spare dust hazing up my work, with regard to tip blender i know babes another bad habit :? i use the half well tips and dont have a problem blending at all its just im lazy espcially in this heat :oops: and blending is the most time consuming thing for me :rolleyes: (is this so for everyone else?)
glad though that you have given the thumbs up to the wiggle in the actetone that seems to work a treat for me too i just make sure that it is three to left three to right as you say and a little pat with the tissue to flatten the brush and make sure it is nice and dry before back in the blast!
nickki jonesx :D
Nickki wrote:
i use the half well tips and dont have a problem blending at all its just im lazy espcially in this heat and blending is the most time consuming thing for me (is this so for everyone else?)

So I thought I just re-run Sams tip on tips lol ...................
Sam wrote:
Crap... thought I had a tutorial on tipping up there... o well (no pun intended)... this is what I do:

Take an abrasive (bout a 180)
Hold tip between thumb and nagger (forefinger) so the contact area is pointed away from you
file the contact area in one direction (away from you at a 45 degree angle).
Keep the angle consistent and centered.
Watch as your contact area turns into the velocity contact area.
Do this with all contact areas... remove whatever is not needed for application.
Ahh... now I see why its not up... crappy pix... o well... here are a couple to give you an idea.

Do it this way and you will never need Tip blender ever again.....



Love Ruth xxxxx
hi hun but if you are filing out the majority of the contact area (i take it from the pics you take down the middle of the contact area right back to the ridge in the well?or as near as damn it?)what the heck holds it on ? if you then go and blend down the sides whats doing ? :oops: is it me just being thick here :oops: thanks babes :D
You need to accept the concept that it is not the tip that is giving strength to the overlay, but the product which is!!

basically nothing but a sliver holds the tip in place ... and that is OK because of the above!!

Experienced technicians do not rely on the tip for strength, but rather the way they build the enhancement. When you sculpt you have no tip. Where is the strength then? sculpted nails are as strong as a tip and overlay - stronger in my opinion.

Learn the technique and you will never blend again --- exceptions to the rule are bad biters and certain misshaped nails --- sometimes these nails are easier to do using a tip.
you girls are great 8) thanks for the kick up the bum :D i gottacha now :D no more long hours blending! your right geeg i do need to keep reminding myself its not the tip it the overlay its not the tip its the overlay.......... :D
where would i be without you both :salute: nickki jonesx
Ruth - those photos are FANTASTIC!!!

I'll certainly try pre-blending when I do my next set of nails!!!

THANK YOU - for showing us how it's done!!!

Ruth - those photos are FANTASTIC!!!

I'll certainly try pre-blending when I do my next set of nails!!!

THANK YOU - for showing us how it's done!!!

I have to point out...........
That those photos are from The Nail Geek himself, I just searched for the old post and just put it back on here...........

So all credit must go to Sam................
I just thought it was worth a second posting...........
It puts you all in the picture on how it's done..................sorry couldn't help the pun ....................

love to all
happy pre-blending
love Ruth xxxxx
I always teach reducing the well and pre-blending, but a question I often get from students it, "well then why do they even make full well tips?" And I never have been able to satisfactorily answer them.. Any ideas?
There are times when a technician needs a full well tip. Full well tips add side walls where there are none .... add nail bed length when there is none .... add stability to a very weak plate etc.

Also I never teach new students to remove the well area completely because they need to learn how to blend a tip well skillfully without causing damage to the natural plate. I save the pre blended technique for later when they have a bit more experience.

Full well tips offer choices to technicians and we all need choice to customize the service for different clients. The length of the free edge differs, so the length we leave on the well area differs.

Hope this will give you some ideas to pass on to your students.
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