help me please ,need advice by wedneday 19 march


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Feb 2, 2003
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dorset england
right this is my scream for some of u know im in the salon from hell, :shock: but i have been loooking around and there is a vacancy just come up in a very nice salon in town and i have an interview on wednesday.
so was wondering of some good answers to the questions they are bound to ask, like why do i want to work there? why am i leaving my present salon?etc
with out slating where i am at the moment.

also got creative conversions 2morrow and olympia on sunday im all excited im goona burst

Actually before I started in nails, I was a store manager for the largest mobile telecomunications company in the world(the one that gets Becks in the ads, I'm not gonna say their name as they don't pay me no more! ;-))
One of my main responsiblities was staff recruitment, for my store (8 staff) & my region ( 23 stores av. staff 7 in each= lots of interviews!!! :shock: ) so I'll give you a few pointers for the interview.

1 Visit the salon first. or send in your relatives & get their opinions as you will probably be asked 'What makes you want to work here?' or ' What do you know about ...(company)...' Try & think of a couple of very minor suggestions that you would do to your own work area to bring a bit of yourself to it.Nothing to wild or crazy! ;) They'll be looking to see if your ideas fit in with their own or if you're gonna be too radical or a trouble maker!! :D

2 Be honest about why you want to leave your current salon, but remain professional, don't go all off on one & turn it into a bitching session. They'll just think you'll do the same about them! This is also where visiting their salon first comes in mightily handy as you don't want to go on about poor hygiene & discover theres isn't much better! :oops:Say simple, neutral phrases, like 'it didn't come up to my expectations' Another slightly cliched but still good one to use is ' I couldn't develop my skills with them' or 'I wanted to move my career along but they didn't have any vehicle to help me do this' something along those lines, remember stay neutral!!

3 Look extremely professional, if you have long hair, try & book in with a stylist to put it up for you. (Another pet hate when your interviewing people is too much/strong perfume) Keep your outfit simple, smart but catchy. for example, black trouser suit with a red scarf neatly tied around your neck. (You need a flash of colour to stick in their mind, honest it works!) & obviously make sure your nails are the biz!

4 When asked in an interview, if you have questions you should always ask questions. I know it sounds old fashioned & dated but trust me, if your're interviewing someone & they don't have any questions then it just says they're really not interested, even if they are. A good question to ask is always something to do with education, for example, ' What sort of education policy does your company have?' or 'Does your company participate in any on-going training programmes?' It shows dedication & commitment.
A classic question would be something along the lines of ' Where do you see the company in 5 years time?' This is excellent because it shows two things, firstly that you are looking for a career, not just a job, & secondly that you are looking for your career to be with them. Staff Recruitment & training is very expensive & time consuming (& tedious) so they won't want to do it too often.
Any other questions you ask them are upto you, afterall, you don't know everything about them, right?
Just be yourself & make eye contact. I'm sure you will be just fine & I'm sure you'll get the job!! Just let me know how yo uget on cos I'll be crossing my fingers!!

Just ask if you want anymore pointers

Hi Groovy

Why do you want to work for them?
Do you know what the salon is like inside, what products they use, what standard of nails they produce, what the people are like there?

Well if you do then there is your answer, ie. lovely salon environment, good quality products, excellent standard of nails, lovely atmosphere to work in.

Why do you want to leave your present place of employment?
Be honest without being derogatory, ie. Better career move, your not happy with the products, how clients are dealt with, standard of sanitation (you know, that sort of thing). Don't say that you don't like your boss (not a good one!!). Anyway I think from reading other messages you have posted, it's more than just your boss.

Questions to ask.
A good one would be something like:- I'm really interested in keeping abreast of new techniques, and therefore do they provide any ongoing training, and if so, is it inhouse or with another company (who?). Point out that you've recently attented a Creative conversion course.

As to taking your brush.
Do they use the same products as you, if they do, take it, if they don't then don't as you don't want to put yours in different products. If you're not sure, then take it, you've got nothing to lose and it may show that you've used your initiative.

With regard to your confidence.
Let them be the judge of that. Assumably you will need to do a couple of nails. Just put your nerves to the back of your mind (easier said than done, but you will really need to) and think that you are just doing a usual client and block everything else out. If they are a nice company to work for they will make you feel at ease.

As for what do you wear?
Wear something smart but comfortable. Is it a trendy place? Be guided by the other technicians that work there. Don't wear something that is restricting.

Anyway, hope some of this helps and wish you the best of luck, keep us posted, Adele
the salon is really nice inside wood floors all that sort of stuff.they use creative :thumbsup: ,i had a chat with the lady whos salon it is and told her i when i was doing the conversion course . she said to take as much information in as i could as they use creative as well :thumbsup: and she is also an educator ,not sure what off though :shock: she is going to be teaching the course i did last year at college. i have also seen the work of techs who work for her and it is excellent :? .i had to do a fill on a client that they couldnt fit in the other day,(they dont take on new clients as they are all ways booked)it was a five week fill and the nails were perfect :rolleyes: .i also sort of quizzed the client and had a good vibe about the clients expericence there :thumbsup: im just worried that my nails arnt up to her standard which i no they are not but they will be with more pratcise.thanks for your advice girls ,i hate it when they say what do see your self doing in 5 years question ,,is it ok to ask why the other tech has left the job? also the only bad things i hav e heard about the salon have been from my boss where i work at the moment :? any more suggestions will be welcome
Hi Groovy

Personally, I would not ask why the other tech left. It shouldn't really be a problem unless they have a high turnover of staff.

If it were me i would answer their questions as truthfully and honestly as you can. If you try to hide problems it will only come back to haunt you. Honesty is the best way to go. If you feel like your work isnt at its best, tell them that. They should understand. Good luck and best wishes!!! :)
I am so pleased for you.I know that you was unhappy in the other salon go get um girl.
Take care Dawn
:thumbsup: Congratulations :thumbsup: Hey Groovy - really pleased for you! You can now put that crappy salon behind you. Good luck with your future career. :D
just to let you guys know i got the job :D creative here i come can go on to do masters now yipee :hic:
So glad it's all worked out for you. Let Creative help you along the way. Any problems, ring one of our educators or the geek etc .. anyone of us will be pleased to help to smooth your path to success!!
Well done Groovy, see my advice was damn good after all :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Go go get em girl 8)

All the best, smellie dellie
yep its all down to you girl :D lol

but then i knew you could do it

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