HELP!!!!! nail comp rules? i havent recieved them yet!


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Emma Bagnall

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Jul 29, 2006
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i sent my comp entry form in last week! i still havent recieved my comp pack containing rules etc... i dont know if its due to the postal strikes or the fact that professional beauty dublin is on (this is what the recorded message says when you ring the number on the prof beauty website!)
would anyone be so kind to email me the rules for the liquid & powder & fancy french catagories & general floor rules. or does anyone know who i can call to get a copy? hope one of you geeks can help me out!
Some of the rules and reg's are on the professional beauty website.
yes, i'v read those ones, do you think they are the full rules? i'm not sure, because the fancy french rules arent very detailed, thats the one i am struggling with. not sure if the art has to be on the nail bed or tip or both!:confused:

thanks for replying though!:hug:
I got my rules and regs through but just for the championships L+p but I don' think I've got anymore than whats on the website. Not sure about the Fancy French sorry!
ah.. thanks anyway! :)
just bumping this thread up... please help me someone!
Have you tried to PM chocolate on the site, she will have your answers
All the comp packs have been sent out now. All the entries that arrived by the deadline were sent out by Friday 28th. If yours arrived after the deadline, (i was then at Dublin) they were all sent out on Thurs 4th. They may have got caught up in the postal strike.

All the rules are on the Professional Beauty Website.

For those of you that are in Fancy French and have any worries, please do call Denise Wright as she wrote the rules on 01474 707077.

If you have any other worries, please do call me as i am in the office most of next week on 0208 302 2020.

Good luck to all those who have entered and see you next week! x
thanks chocolate, it was sent special delivery, so that it would be recieved friday, so yes it must be caught up in the strikes..
No prob, i will keep an eye out and call me if you have any worries!

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