Help setting up CND UV Lamp please


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Sep 6, 2010
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Hiya, I've just received my Shellac kit (hooray!) training booked for next month, can't bloomin wait..... one prob though I can't for the life of me work out how to remove the top of the CND UV Lamp to fit the bulbs?! I feel so daft..and my thumbs hurts!

The instructions say hold bottom of lamp with fingers and insert thumbs on inside of top of lamp and press outward, then pull top up and forward..... I just can't get it to budge :(

Your advice would be much appreciated... don't want to go in heavy handed and break it! Thanks xx
It is tricky the first couple of times but you'll get the hang of it. The way you've described is how to do it, so failing that, have a look on you tube at Fingernailfixer, she has a demo on there on how to do it. HTH :hug:
Here's the video from Fingernailfixer. It demonstrates the easiest way to open the least the easiest way that I've found.

CND lamp tricks - YouTube
Thanks for reply... I'm still sitting here trying to take the top off! 25 minutes now.... feel like a right wally. Just don't want to break it in the process! May have walk to away from it now... and let my husband have a go when he's home! x
Lol this sounded like me, felt like a right narna having to youtube it! I then realised I wasnt alone!xx :D
There are also full written instructions on every step to set up the lamp right HERE on this site. Go to the tutorial section to find it. A baby can do it with these. Instructions! Lol
I had the same trouble. Had to get my husband too do it in the end. I was worried I might break it.
Done it! Watched the Utube clip and got it off straight away! So much better doing it on just one side rather than how the book said. Thumbs intact and very happy now, soo excited! It's proper like Christmas when you get a new product innit?! Thanks for the help geeks xx

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