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Nov 5, 2007
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Hello All,

I had a client in last week, a regular of mine, and she has gel overlays. As it was Christmas, I said I would soak off the old gel and do new gel overlays.

Went to soak off the gel in acetone and NOTHING!!

Had to spend most of my time filing off the gel, luckily it waasn't thick or I could've been there a long time..

What does everyone else do.... I was using LCN Sculpture gel.

Look forward to hearing from anyone who can help.

Carly x
Not all gels are soak off. The one I use for example is by NSI and is a file off gel.

Did you not do the gel overlays that she had on? Is your gel a soak off?

Rachel x
I was going to say the same. I use two types of gel - one soak-off, one buff off. If it's buff off, no amount of acetone will take it off.

Did you buff off all the shine before you soaked? With soak-offs once you do a small amount of prep filing, it should come right off after 15 min. or so. I use a heating pad over a towel to make it work faster.

I have contacted LCN and I know the trainer, so I am hoping she will get back to me & let me know.... I used to use normal self levelling gel and that was soak off, but I went back on a refresher conversion course and am now using sculpture, as I find building up along the stress point makes them last longer than some sculpture gel..

Thanks for your help and if anyone else uses LCN (Light Concept Nails) and knows, I'm all ears..

Carly x
Sorry I'm a little confused,

Did they not cover removal with your training?

Did the client have your gel on, LCN? You say she was a regular so i am assuming that she did.

how do you remove your own enhancements or any other clients?

Did you use a UV topcoat that was possibly not a soak off gel?

Rachel x
i got some samples from lcn a few weeks ago

their gels are not soak off gels you will need to file them off

Thank you for all of your help...... Normally, as I don't do nail extensions as much as mani's & pedi's, I don't do soak off's..... Also, I only went on a fresher course just to learn the new sculpture gel, but now I know..... Can anyone recommend a good soak off gel, but that it still quite strong?

Carly x
why would you want to change your whole system to a soak off gel....there is nothing wrong in buff off gels.

You just have to learn how to buff it off efficiently, and it rarely has to be done anyway.

I have been using a buff off gel for a few years now and can honestly say i have only ever had to remove at least 2 sets...(clients choice due to money) my clients just have infill's, no need for a complete removal and start over.

IMO soak off gels are not as strong as non soak off gels, i also find they discolour due to them being porous.

so you see, there are + and - in both soak off and buff off gels....changeing your whole system might sort one problem but create another.

Once you have mastered buffing off gel, its just as quick as soaking off....and not needed as often.
Bagpuss is don't need to change your system, just adapt your way of working to it. A good strong buff off gel IMo is vital in a portfolio.

I do use a soak off fact I tend to favour it, but that is very much client driven (they are very brand loyal). But I wouldn't be without a buff off gel for those clients who want long-lasting tough enhancemenst...usually french...week in, week out.

Learn the system you are using now...inside and out...and if you feel you want a soak off gel as well, then you can move on in all confidence knowing you are increasing your services, not just spending money switching products.

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