Help ... tiny cellophane bags needed!


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Jan 12, 2003
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Wolverhampton, W. Mids.
does anyone know where I can purchase very small cellophane bags, please?
I need some for packaging up my little flowers. The only ones that I can find anywhere are those little resealable plastic bags which are obviously no good because the flowers would hit the 'lip' of the seal as you take them out.
I havent found packaging that I'm happy with yet, so any ideas ... gratefully received!
hi wasnt there a thread a bit back about a place in usa that did little bags, i cant remember wot it was called but try do a search , and it might come up , hth
What about lying them flat on a piece of cardboard or something and wrapping that in clingfilm or tinfoil?
Another though - perhaps ask Chocolate if she has any.
It was me that posted the thread before! I found a wonderful site and ordered bags for a really cheap price. The link is

The ones i ordered were on the bestsellers (right hand side of page) and item no. 02. They worked out with the p&p to be £2.79 for 100!
have u tried scrap booking shops? we have a fab one near me and i am sure they sell the small cellophane bags!
found this on the net Glo

CELLOPHANE BAGS(25) 6''X3 7/8''(Reference #950011)
Paper backed, cellophane fronted bags
Price: £0.38 [size=-2]£0.45 Including VAT at 17.5%[/size]
that was from

Devon Pressed flowers sent my samples in this type of bag, dunno if its the sort of thing you are thinking of.
Hi :o ....thicky dumb blonde here (and you know it!!!!).....but, do they have to be in bags Glo....
Wot about them little stacky type pot things from Millenium....would they be any good??
I wasjust gonna say ask Caz as she found a great supplier of plastic bags.....but she's done that

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