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Nov 7, 2007
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hello all!
My names becca and im new to all of this forum stuff, but ive got a question i need answering and was wondering if anyone out there knew the answer.
I currently work in a salon as a stylist, Im not self employed and earn NO commision on any of my work or any of the products i sell. So basically get paid minimum wage and thats all.
Recently the salon owner has demanded that we now all have to buy our own clippers for use in the salon. And has given us till the 1st dec to do so otherwise we will basically be unable to work and won't get paid.
Is she allowed to do this? It seems a little unfair to make us supply our own equipment when were not self employed, Im not sure what to do as i cant personally afford new clippers and cant afford to lose my job!
Please help
many thanks
she's just trying it on!

if you are employed then she should supply everything to do your job, including uniform if she states that you have to wear uniform.
I'm in agreement....

although I do nails ............I did own my beauty shop with a friend of mine who was a stylist......we did have hair and nails (I had 13 renters)....however since you are a paid worker she should supply all equipment ....that you need in order to perform your job....

Did you get some type of contract when you were first employed? ...if so does it say anything about equipment? .....if not maybe you should talk to manager/owner and tell her this.....that you cannot afford clippers nor to lose/not perform your job.....
Thnaks for all your help, I thought as much, you know i told her in a staff meeting that i couldnt afford clippers, and she went well over the top. Shouting and ranting saying that i had an attitude problem and i should respect her. Dont think i really want to tell her again, incase the same happens, its horrible i'm hating going to work now. :(
We do have a contract and it doesnt say anything about equipment, does anyone know where i could get help with this? I really dont want to approach her again.
Thanks again <3
You could always try calling the Citizens advice bereau, they may be able offer a little bit more detailed advice regarding your contract

hth Wendy x
Hi has she had someone in from health and safety recently to look at all the electrical equipment ?
if so it sounds like she needs to replace or repair a few items which she normally has to pay for every year .

It sounds like she wants you to foot the bill for the equipment instead :eek:
this could then make you the one responsible for the yearly safety check which is just not right :irked: this is the owners responsibility.
Sounds like she has some financial problems.

On the other hand if you had a contract stating it was your responsibility or you were working self employed then it would be your responsibility.

Perhaps you could phone up the health and safety for some advice you wouldn't have to mention the salon name .

Hope this helps :hug: .

You could always try calling the Citizens advice bereau, they may be able offer a little bit more detailed advice regarding your contract

hth Wendy x
yep i would go to these people...they are there to help you and its free hun....xxxx
Honey, you should as soon as you are able, change your work location. You are a professional and you should be treated as such. I worked for a salon where I was taken advantage of by working for mere peanuts, and expected to smile about it in the process. But, as soon as I could I opened my own salon and I haven't looked back. Some employer's are trying to make a fortune off their employee's instead of their professionalism and expertise. I may sound a bit harsh, oh well, so be it. You have probably worked hard to become a professional, so expect to be treated as one. An employer should treat their employee's with respect and encourage them. You seem to be getting none of these very important things. Take heart and look forward. Just remember when the day comes in which you may be the employer, remember how you felt when you were being taken advantage of by a less than professinal employer.
Im not sure whether she can or cant do this legally, but my first thought was I have trouble finding good committed hair dressers and Im sure your area is no differnt, move salon do you really want to work for someone like that. In her defence do you turnover enough to cover your salary, and then bare in mind that after paying your salary, products, rent, phone etc etc she may not make any money out of you at all, also it may be that staff arnt looking after the equipment and shes is sick of replaceing it, dont know if this is the case but give it some thought. But if you are a good reliable stylist dont worry about getting another job salons are gagging for them.

good luck.:hug:
if a boss was being so unfair to me i would leave,you have to weigh it up,"does she have a right to make you pay for clippers"probably not,"but will you have a leg to stand on probably not,and the hassle would probably not be worth it,also you r not getting any commision and sounds like your not earning a great wage so i know what id could join a union my friend has done so and has found it invaluable but do you really want to work for a boss you now cant advice phone up some agencies do some temping start looking around once you have an idea of whats out there you can base your decision on that,start now so you dont buy any clippers you may not need.hope this helps.

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