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Crazy Geekette
Jan 10, 2003
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just a quickie to let ya all know i am back but i bet ya didn't miss me lol

Since doing the competitions and advertising the fact my workload has double maybe even tripled i never get a spare minute lately but hey that's what i worked for :D

my clients were so proud of the fact i had entered and then when they found out where i placed word of mouth really got around ;) ;)

I have to also say a big thank you too mrs geek for the feature on me in the creative update what can i say it is fantastic huni loves ya loads and hey me on the say page as Madonna, Britney, j-lo and ozzy that will never happen again so it's framed huni pmsl :green: :green:

And just a quickie but i have to say BRISA rocks my clients love it all my gel clients now have it and love it and natural nail overlays have never been easier with this system :D

And geeg will try one night this week to give you that call :o xx

So guys business is booming and i have never been happier in my work and it's all thanks to having the guts to compete so a big thank you to ruth fordham and her foot pmsl loves ya xxxxx
Absolutely Brilliant News Caroline !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well Done You !!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats Caroline...........you really are buzzing little lady. Glad all's well and business is booming...........keep on rockin'

Good on ya Caroline - lovely to hear of your success....
Well I for one have mised you loads .... will be looking forward to that chat!!

Wondered where youd been. Great to hear your doing sooo well!!
Rock on!!
About blooming time you showed your face on her Lady !!!!!!!
But I am so pleased its al good stuff for ya..........
Well all my footwork wasn't wasted then !!!!!!
The feature was brill and all true, I can vouch for that.............
A cosy Salon with a nutty Tech, what more could anyone want?????

love ya loads Caroline xxxxxx
Oh great to see you back, Missed you girl :cry:
Glad your doing so well you deserve it ;)
thrilled to see your post, many congrats!!!
crazy'n'creative said:
So guys business is booming and i have never been happier in my work
Fantastic news Caroline .... and long may it continue.
Great news :lol: , good to have you back!
thanks all for your kind words :o

The salon is doing very very well at the minute and yes glors i hope it continues too, i have worked hard for this and was very unsure about opening the salon but now i can say it has been the best thing i have done.

so thanks once again love ya all loads xxx
Really Glad you liked it Crazy!!! Glad you are busy and GLAD YOU ARE BACK xx
mrs geek i loved it, it's wicked huni :green:

and i am glad to be back :D
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