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Apr 13, 2004
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Anchorage, Alaska
I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and just finished school in February. I like to do freehand nail art. Here's some of my designs:


I've also dabbled a bit in 3D nail art, but so far I can only do flowers and a few of the Sanrio characters.

I look forward to getting to know all of you!
Your nails are great keep up the good work
Hi Veggie! Welcome to the board:biggrin: Your nail art is lovely. You will find this site informative, fun and extreeeeemely helpful.


I love your spongebob nail art its way cool
Hi Veggie

Welcome to the land of Geeketts you will get hooked on this board in no time :eek:
Your nail art is fab well done, look forward to your post and maybe a chat in the chat room one day

Take care
Dawnie xxx
I can't see the link ... it just keeps saying can't find page :sad:
welcome! Great nail art, I loved the astrological and sanrio! Super cute! :biggrin:

fab nail art..........welcome..........
Like 'em :biggrin: Clean and neat - not too fussy....cool stuff :green:
Nice nice nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the board and enjoy being a member of the geeky family.................
Thanks for the welcome, and the compliments. :)
your nails are fantastic, i'm jealous! where did you get all your ideas from?
u have been busy!
this is something that i really miss.
the time to sit & play.
well done they r very gd, u can c the detail very easily.
liza xx
FABAROONEY NAIL ART they are sooooooooooooooooooooooo good,and hey welcome to the site! hope to hear a lot more from you and some more piccies too. :) :) :)
Welcome hope you have lots of fun on this site :D Like your nail art very much!!!
twotooty2fruity said:
your nails are fantastic, i'm jealous! where did you get all your ideas from?
Thanks! I mostly got my ideas from what other students requested I do. A few of them I copied from the nail art tutorials in magazines too. I had quite a bit of time to mess around with it while finishing my hours at school. lol
Welcome to this site, Its the best ever!!!!

Great nail art, love some of your designs. Its good when you have time to play, i love doing the nail art on long nails especially.:D
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