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Jun 5, 2003
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Hi Guys
Does anyone have any idea when the Creative holographic powders become available in the UK.

Whilst doing my training at Creative in Leeds Feb/March time Mrs Geek came in the room and everyone was well impressed by her nails....she had stiletto shaped nails with a deep red holographic french...at the time Mrs Geek thought they would be out here in September?

I have been dreaming about these nails ever since and can't wait to buy the product.

Sawadee ka

Can i see photo this nails please i want see too much .

Kop khun ka mui
Hi Paula

The nails Mrs geek was showing you are the new metro powders kit...
these are now on sale at One Stop Nail Shops nationwide. they have been hugely popular.

we now have plenty of stock in the Leeds shop......they are £39 for six powders and include a 4oz Retention (worth £24.95).

hope this has helped!

....and thanks David for your response!! The MIX is the following:

Spanish Tile (the red from the Mosaics)
Sin City (the black from Metal Metro)
Red gitter - from the OSNS Leeds - David (New Geek) or Denise know the one!! Love that you have been dreaming about my nails!! Too cute :oops: :oops:
Well.....I could be wearing the nails right now.....didn't realise you had to mix them, I have got both the mosaic and metro kit and even the glitter from osns.

I can't wait to get home tonight.....cheers for all your help!!

By the way, the mix is one small scoop of each!!!
Red gitter - from the OSNS Leeds
not heard of this one is it just the red from mosaics with glitter added :oops: :huh:
groovynails said:
Red gitter - from the OSNS Leeds

[not heard of this one is it just the red from mosaics with glitter added :oops: :huh:

Groovy check it again - Red Mosaic, Sin City Metro Metal AND red sparkle from OSNS!! ;)
hiya sam :D
i played with the mix you mentioned b4 for your red holographic nails :D
i found that i needed LOADS more red mosaic than sin city & i used my own red sparkle :D
it did look gorge & i think i will b sporting solid red mix on my nail beds instead of black & white that you saw at excell,with clear ends 8)
what do you think??
lol liza xx
i cant get to leeds and didn't get to excel..but...i so want to see these nails cant you post some pics someone... they sound fab
hiya jen
if you were talking to me, i'm afraid i need my mate ruth to show me how to post piccies on the site. :oops:
i've got LOADS of pic's to show you, i just need someone to show me the way!
once i've been shown how there will b no stoping me :fire:
lol liza xx
:oops: :oops: :oops: :?

mrs geek wrote
Groovy check it again - Red Mosaic, Sin City Metro Metal AND red sparkle from OSNS!!

ok ,i'm still not :tongue: :silly: getting this.
red sparkle ,is that a separate red sparkle powder ,cause i have never seen that one before :hic: :hic: :ack:

yep i'm tired (and not happy cause i just messed up my nails i tried to make the mix up minus the red sparkle stuff :D and did all ten when i should of stopped at the first one and added more red mosaic powder cause my nails look well black :? oh well will soak them off tomorrow and start again.)
Oh babe!

The red sparkle is not a powder but a plastic tube of red sparkle nail art stuff! You can buy it from any One Stop Nail Shop.

Another thing they haven't told you is that you need to apply the mix thinly because you have to go over it with perfect cololur clear or else ... when you buff down, the red sparkles will go silver where the file scrapes against them.

The mix I used on samntha's nails was a 1x1x1 mix ... I did not need to add any more red.
my red sparkle stuff is not red enough!
this might explain why our mix was very black?
i will add the red sparkle to my order 2moro :oops:
lol liza xx
thanks geeg :oops:

how stupid am i ;)

well i will add red sparkle to my list to :D
and apply thin and cover with clear.

well i didnt see samanthas nails so im not sure red they were,, but they sound real cool.ok .is there any pics of them just laying about anywhere,so we can see them :)
I was reading all that and it made no sense to me either !!

but then .... someone asked all the silly questions for me and I got away with it .......... this time :D

Thanks ....... must do some ordering and practice :)

Any other advice on the subject very welcome !! Hints, tips etc.

Dee from Somerset xxx
Where are One Stop Nails Shops located? :? I haven't come across these. Do they have a website?
Can someone post up a pic of these nails, haven't heard of them before and am REALLY curious now... :?: :?
well girls samantha's nails :shock: what can i say they are fab :goal: i saw them at excel and wanted to take them home with me :bouncy: sorry didn't get a pic i should have done thinking back on it :?
nickki jonesx :D
hehehe when we go to Manchester nxt mnth, me or ruthy will grab Samantha and get a pic of her depressingly stunning nails...

...not fair Missy you KNOW I love those talons!!

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