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Jen Smith

Oct 11, 2004
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West Yorkshire
Hi Geeks
My 17 year old daughter has decided to get her act together and do something positive with her life ... thank heavens!!

ANYWAY.... she has been accepted onto a Beauty Therapy 1 course to start this September, and as she got no formal qualifications from school last year (leaving before the exams took place). This course is full time and she is on a four week trial to start with to prove she can time keep and work hard but she needs to find a work placement for one day a week in addition to the other three and a half days at college.

If she cannot find a place in an established salon ...would anyone know if she would be able to come to me on the one day or would a home based salon not be suitable. I cover all treatments that are covered on her course and BT2 so she would get experience in watching and learning skills towards her course.

Anyone know please?
You should phone the College and reel off your qualifications Jen.
You could have a family business in the making there...Nail FX & Daughter!!
Only problem is her seeing you as an employer and not a Mum!!! for that day.
Hi Jen,

I asked the same question about work experience as I am due to start my level 3 holisitcs in September. They said that the work experience I can gain in my own salon is fine. HTH.
Thanks Ladies... I shall ring the college and see if its ok then :)
One thing I forgot Jen, check your insurance to see if they will cover her for the period of her work experience or maybe get some student insurance for your daughter.
my other half, who has been busy sorting everyone at school for collage next term, says, when a placement is found the collage will vet it and what they are vetting isn't how classy it is but how experienced the therapists are and how good they are likely to be at passing on their skills, so if you and daughter get on:twisted: you should be fine:biggrin: BUT its down to the indeviduals who are checking out the placements and some of them are not as dedicated to the students as they perhaps should be, so if they come to see you suck up:biggrin: in the best possible taste:biggrin:

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