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Lavander Rose

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Aug 29, 2007
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Hi Peeps

Just wanting to know if any of you home based therapists have a dog or any other animals? and if so what do you do with them? How do you get around working from home?

Just asking because when i was at collage one of the girls had a dog and said she was going to go home based but not been in touch with her for a while so not sure how she is getting on, its just i want to go home based to, but the kids want a dog DELEMA, what do you do, get a dog for the kids or sacrifaice a good business opportunity for mine and their future?

Help and Advice always welcome:)
I dont have a dog, but I would say that as long as it is not allowed in the room you are doing treatments, and it is kept under control (not barking/jumping up at clients etc) then it would be fine.:)
Hi,i agree with Garfeild for the sames reasons.I have a big German Sheperd hence my aviator but he is kept out of the way and is shut off from the clients.My freinds love him so makes it easier anyway,yes he does bark when they arrive but then quites down.Good luck xx
Ha I run a home based salon and have TWO dogs!!! They are whippets so not huge dogs and are, fortunetly, now very good when clients are here. At first they used to start fighting in the bedrooom (where I put them - I live in a flat) and this was SO embarrasing!!! They sounded like a couple of monsters!!! They are used to it and behave themselves now. Infact I dont hear a peep out of them. They dont bark as the clients come in - UNLESS they knock on the door instead of using the intercom, mainly cos they are not used to it.
I always make sure I hoover at the start of each working day just incase someone has allergies.
I think its possible to have a dog and run a salon from home as long as your dog is well behaved and doesnt pine the whole time the clients there (jade my youngest dog went through a phase of this as a pup):rolleyes:
This is a difficult one, for instance if you got a dog and he turned out to be a terrible barker or whiner then depending on how big your house is, your clients would have to listen to it.

I have a cat and he miaows really loudly! Grrrr! Although tbh I don't think that is as stressful to listen to as a dog barking.

But also, don't be pressured into it by your children - think about whether or not you really want one because its quite likely you will have to do everything, i.e. walking. washing his bowls, cleaning up his puke etc

We got the cat because of pressure from my daughter, and tbh she is absolutely besotted with him, but I didn't realise he was going to be so expensive (vets bills, also I get a professional pet carer to look after him when we go away)

I wouldn't be without him but I was definitely pressured into taking him (he used to live with her Dad.)

We have some hens too and I have found them an excellent way of having pets that don't live in the house:lol:

Also they are quite low maintenance generally x
I have the most annoying labrador (but I love her) and she is the reason why I dont have anyone over - she wont leave them alone - barks - and gets everyone covered in hair - oh and she wants to be let out in the garden all the time - then wants to be back in. Farts and slavers!!

Really winds me up.

Shes getting on now and she still hasnt slowed down.
I have a rottie, and he's never been a problem if it is a new client I put him out or lock him in the living room as soon as they knock on the door,
if not, he will greet them and have a stroke,
but to be honest, hes not interested in them anyway once they been here a few minutes,unless its someone he really knows ,
he just likes to say hello,

he has before now weed on clients, covered them in slobber with his kisses,
and cried at them untill they throw the toy he is shoving on their knee,
this was all at first,

Now he is used to people coming in and out ,if anything it has done my dog a huge favour,because he loves people, and is sooooo friendly.
A lot of clients want to see him though they love him,
so they might have a play with him before treatment.

I'd say a dog is easier than kids any day :lol:
may be difficult during the puppy phase though .

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