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Oct 24, 2003
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I have just bought a second-hand remington parafin wax heater and i have just used it for the first time on my partner and nearly burnt his hand off...poor man.
How hot should they get?
Do you keep the lid on or off whilst warming it up?
It takes about 1-1.5hrs to melt!
i have one of these ...had it for two years now has a timer on it and i set it to come on two hours before i need it ...always melts down in this time ...mine has never got too hot even when set on the hot setting ...i gave two ten year old little ladies manicures yesterday:cool: and it wasn't too hot for them ...maybe this was why they sold it second hand ...the thermostat maybe on the way out :sad:
hope this helps
sorry forgot to say i always leave the lid on :D
hi denise

sounds faulty to me. I always leave the lid on to, temp should be regulated to whatever you set it at. Think you been ripped of matey!!
my heater has two settings - melt and dip. The melt temp speeds up the melt time, but would be too warm for some people. Are you sure you do not have yours set to "melt".

I have just ordered one of these from the Studio catalogue for £25 reduced from £60, might be worth your while getting a new one with a two year guarantee, website address is if you want a look.
Thanks for your replies.
The one i have got doesn't seem to have a timer on, it just has a off/on switch. :cry:
Hi again...

Put a thomometer in the wax heater today and it is at 55 degrees...ouch that seems VERY hot to me.
Anyone know what the temp should be?
I have the exact same problem with my wax heater. It is a beauty tools one from Sally (it is a profesional brand). I gave my brother a paraffin wax pedicure the day I bought it and nearly burned his foot off :cry: !! It only has two settings, off and on. Now I have started to transfer the wax to a small bowl and brush it on for safety! That is the way we were taught in college to avoid cross infection. But it does take up much more time. I will try a thermometer in mine and let you know.
Amanda :biggrin:
denisejacqueline said:
Hi again...

Put a thomometer in the wax heater today and it is at 55 degrees...ouch that seems VERY hot to me.
Anyone know what the temp should be?

What level is the wax at - it should never be below the min nor above the max. If there is not enough wax in it then it may get too hot.

I have the same one as you and I only once had a problem with it but it was the client who was very oversensitive to heat and we ended up brushing the wax on.

I too always leave the lid on when melting.
I also have just received my wax heather from studio. £25.00 which comes with the wax, hand liners and mitts. Good value but again it only has a on/off switch which ment when I gave my mum a wax treatment it was very very hot, could not use it on clients...would get sued!
Hiya Fiona,
I did buy some more peach wax for the heater beacause it was just on the minimum level when i first used it. So i put more in and its still really hot, I could understand if it was a cheaper home use version but this is a professional heater. Time is money and it takes ages to brush on. I think i will use a thermometer to get a reading and then contact the manufacturer - beauty tools and ask their advice :rolleyes: .
After reading all this I wandered off to check the booklet that came with my Quantis bath to see if it gave an indication as to what temperature it gets to ..... it didn't.:rolleyes:

However, I did once (just out of interest) check the temperature of mine when it's set at level 5 (upper end of the "working" temp range) and I seem to recall it came in at about 54 degrees.

Encyclopedia of Nails does say that the working range for a paraffin wax bath is 50-55°C. Thinking back to my pathology days I seem to recall that 55°C would not be hot enough to cause a burn in an adult, but it does feel quite hot to the touch, especially on the first dip.
I've used my bath on myself & on my mum, we both found it to feel hot but not uncomfortable ....... but when I did my partners hands (a big burly trucker) his eyes shot wide open on the first dip as he thought if felt hot but then he decided it was OK & he wasn't burning or dying & carried on :lol:

I'm doing a manicure & paraffin wax for a friend tomorrow so if I can remember I'll check the temperature again.
Had a change of plans so used the bath today, after melting the wax on the high settings I turned it down to 5 for use (I like it on the highest heat, seems to do my achy hands the world of good). I checked the temperature & it was showing 55ºC. Turned it down to about 3 & left it for a while & checked again & it was down to 53ºC, so looks like the range is 50-55ºC on mine
(I love it when things work out with what the book says :lol: )

So if your bath isn't going above 55ºC it's still within the recommended range, albeit at the upper end of it. If that feels too hot for clients & you dont have a variable thermostat, guess the only alternative to brushing it on (which is time consuming & a shame really if you have a bath as the whole hand/foot dip is such a lovely feeling) will be to turn it off & let it cool a bit before dipping the clients hands.

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