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Could anyone recommend a good hot wax ?
I’ve looked into Lycon as that seems to be the most popular but the price of the wax/training is out of my budget for the time being so hoping that someone can recommend me a brand that’s equally as good with a smaller price tag ??
Thanks in advance xx

I trained in intimate waxing with Sienna X just before lockdown, and it’s the only hot wax I have used so far.

I debated whether it was worth paying the extra for the name but I’m very pleased with it so far. I practiced on my friend (who’s a bit of an intimate waxing expert) and she said it was comfortable and there was no redness at all later that day so I will probably stick with Sienna X for now.

My friend trained with Lycon but always uses the Salon Services hot wax and gets good results x

I will be honest @Naturalb78 I've done the Lycon training and I wouldn't rate it nor the wax. I've used Jax Wax in the past and love their hot and strip waxes. The smell is gorgeous. I've since switched to Kim Lawless hot wax as I've done her intimate wax training last year and love it. Lycon to me is very over-rated.


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I’ve not done Kim Lawless training but everyone raves about her and they love her wax. I’ve done Adam and Eve intimate training, Outback Organics and Waxu. I liked all the techniques that were demonstrated but I felt that Adam and Eve was expensive. I loved Outback Organics, love the wax, loved the training and loved the costings!

I was intrigued about Waxu which aims to get a wax done in 15 mins. I had one, and it was very speedy and painless. I did the training and although I didn’t get down to 15 mins I did shave a full 5 mins off my timings. Clients liked the wax as well. I think it’s particularly good in warm weather when clients are hot and bothered.

I’ve stuck with Outbacks as I really love the brand, but I’m still flirting with Waxu. I think you can’t beat refresher training, there’s always something new to pick up.


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I use hive hot wax xx

nicki humbles

i use euro blonde for face waxing but find it is a little harsh for intimate areas. I have tried salon services calendular multiflex for intimate and had really good results xx