How do you handle no shows?


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Aug 2, 2010
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Hey Geeks!

Needing some advise...over the last 2-3weeks i have lost about £200 due to no shows.

I have it noted on my website,facebook etc that I require 24hrs notice and cancellation fees will be incurred but how can I enforce this when about 90% of these no shows were potential new clients and some also giving me duff numbers?

I was in two minds whether to open today or not but did as i had a couple of regulars who popped in yesterday and made appointments and they've not turned up!

Not a happy bunny.


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Maybe take a deposit at time of booking? I've had this problem and my products have to be bought for each client so I potentially lose over a £150 per no show!

I've started taking £50 deposits now!
Its so annoying when people dont turn up without a phone call or anything i think the best thing to do particually if they are long treatments is to charge 50% upon booking .
This can sometimes be awkard as people dont always have the money to pay when they make a booking dont no if we could go down the route that hotels do where you take card details upon booking but nothing gets charged to it untill you arive or just dont turn up or cancel short notice.
Even if you took £10 deposit, that's enough to make them think twice about not showing up or not even bothering to get in touch about it!!!
Do you send a text put the day before or even the morning of the appointment.

I've found this really helps as before most my no shows just forgot, so a quick text juts reminds them, about 10% text back asking to rearrange As they forgot and have work now or something.

Yes it is a pain tho :( I get so upset. But I always send a text out if hey don't show saying ' sorry you couldn't make it, please contact me if you would like to rearrange, hope to see you soon' - as sometime money is a issue and I don't want then to feel like they can't come to me, however I do pop there name in my book, so I know I need to take 20% next time they book.

Any big treatments I take a money for, most of these need patch tests so I get it of them then.
Most are fine and have genuine reasons for cancellin (even at last minute) but persistent offenders would eventually have to pay a deposit......general rule of 3 strikes i think!

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I also send a confirmation text out either on the day or the day before -

"hi xxx just a little reminder of your appointment on xx at xx am/pm at Metamorfosis, please reply to confirm or cancel"

this has pretty much stopped the no show issue, but if a client doesn't turn up 3 times then I won't book them in again, I've sacked only one client in my time but that was for her stinking attitude rather than no-show :D
you get to know the ones who 'forget ' to show on a regular basis. i text them the day before and sometimes they show and sometimes they don't ..... then i either threathen them with phyiscal violence or double book them... if they show make them wait, if they don't ... doesn't matter.
Luckily I've only had one persistent no show offender & after the 4th no show I explained that I would only be able to book her in if she paid in full for treatments at the time of booking. When she moaned about this I showed her my diary with all the no shows from her & added up what her missed appointments had cost me
you get to know the ones who 'forget ' to show on a regular basis. i text them the day before and sometimes they show and sometimes they don't ..... then i either threathen them with phyiscal violence or double book them... if they show make them wait, if they don't ... doesn't matter.

I'm the same, physical violence is always s good idea ;-)
My no shows I give a call or txt if no answer asking if they need to rebook. I had one lady who didn't answer my call nor reply to my txt then the next week asked for an appt. I said sure but it will include the cost of the missed appointment as per my policy. She asked if I was kidding as she has msged me to say she couldn't make it. She told me which number she had sent it to and surprise it had a wrong digit. So I told her if she can screenshot the MSG with the number, date and time she sent it then I would be more than happy to do the treatment for normal pricing otherwise it would include the missed appointment. She said ok I'll try do that. But guess what - I haven't heard back from her again. She did come to me complaining of 2 other techs work so I guess I should've known something would come up at some point. Lol.

I am here:
Thanks for the help guys. The two no shows i had on Thursday only booked wed afternoon and gave me home numbers which i called when they didnt appear...1 was a carpet factory and the other had been.changed to an 0871 number.

Most of my clients dont book in advance (either for that day, the next day or just walk in) so most of the time i feel i dont need to text them (provided i have a mobile number) but will def be doing that for those who are booked in advance.

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i hardly get any no shows and when i do, they apologise! Coz they know what they're missing out on! hehe!

To be fair we always double/triple book. Unfortunalty if someone doesnt turn up, we poddle along with our day, if they cant make it, ive got a list as long as my arm to do!

We have a three stikes and your out rule, so if you happen to be a repeat offender, we'll mess you around, and if you walk in we'll make you wait.....bit mean but i keep them keen! haha!

Im actually love it when i have a bit of time off! i think it as a extra coffee break! xoxo

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