How often do you put on a new set of nails on yourself?


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jennie NE

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Mar 9, 2003
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:rolleyes: I'm bored out of my mind today and I decided to take my nails off today and do a new fresh set tomorrow. I think I will do pink & whites-well white tips anyhow. I always get tons of compliments on them. How often if at all do you put a new set on yourself :?: (If you do your own nails). I can't seem to find a knack for keeping my nails looking good,(the pink &whites) so I have been putting new sets on every couple of months. I cannot do a backfill on myself. :puke: Gosh I love these icons. Ever went and PAID someone else to do your nails? That is hard, even if they have been at it forever, it never seems good enough. :flower:
Well, I usually put a new set on myself every three months. I can do fills on myself, but I am constantly refiling them to keep them square and they get shorter and shorter. I like to wear mine fairly long.
And yes, I went for a fill somewhere else once and swore I would never again. She drilled down into my nail bed and my nails were sore for a week! :( Doing it your own nails takes practice but you can do it!
I usually put new tips on myself every couple of months or so, but mainly because I end up filing the corners off of a couple of my own nails.

I have just done a set of sculpted pink and whites on myself, (not white tips) and I actually found it easier than using tips. It does take a long time to master doing your own nails, especially the opposite hand. I have never gone to anyone else to get my nails done, wouldn't trust anybody, except maybe my NVQ trainer.
I have never ever let anyone touch my nails before. I can barely get them the way I want...let alone someone else. I do not know if I could let someone else do my nails. Not sure if I could even trust geek boy... Yeah..I guess I would..geek boy or Tom Bachik...toss up.. ;)

So I do my own. Seems like every few months I end up soaking off because I do not want to hassle again with filing for a rebalance. Such an ordeal isnt it? By the time I get done filing, applying acrylic..filing again..I hate nails! I swear I will never do them again...then the next day rolls around and I do nails again.

I am really picky about the shape of my toenails too...Once when I was student..we had to work on eachothers pedis...this girl filed my nails crooked.. I called my husband from the car and am just silly that way ;)
I *hate* rebalancing my own nails. I have very thin natural nails and I hate filing them.

So... I wear a new set until I file the corners off and it is in need of a rebalance... then I put on a whole new set. I know it's bad. I know I'm damaging my own nails... considering I'm a nail biter and I usually bite the entire set off :oops: but... that's what I do :?
Well Jennie I swear I have bitten my nails down to the wick since the day I was born! :oops: That is how I got into this business beacause when I was about 18 I started to put on stick-ons and then I bought those little acrylic kits at Boots the chemist, I got quite good at it (i had to state of my own nails) any way back to the point, I have worn acrylics/gels/fibreglass for years. Last Sept I went on holiday :sunny: , had a set on for two weeks, when i got home and took them off I swore i would let them grow and I havent worn extensions since. My nails are strong, quite long and what I cant believe most of all is that I have got lovely long curved nail beds so now I cant bear to put anything but OPI nail envy near them! :D I feel if I start waring extensions again I will be back to square one. Does anyone else bite their nails? Cannibals I heard us called earlier on the board!!!!! :twisted:
Hey Christie

Just noticed you made it to 'freaky geek' status. You go girl!!
Freaky! LOL I was so excited when I saw freaky geek! I didnt much care for Massive Geek.. And as a coincidence..It is my favorite word for the weak!! freaky
I usually like to change my nails about every 3 weeks. As my smile line starts to grow out I just get disgusted and must completely... er... actually... what the hell am I thinking... I don't wear enhancemnts. eyeyiyi... I need some coffee. :morn:

Christie's Nails said:
It is my favorite word for the weak!! freaky

Wait till u make it to Friggin geek :clown:
Well I put on a new set every two to three months. Most of the time I do the set and fills but occasionally a nail tech friend of mine will put the set on and I do the fills. This last time time I tried to go natural. It hurt so much. I would just touch something and almost cry. Still recovering from the damage I did to myself in school. My left thumb nail has a crease down the middle and is starting to split. Very painful! :fire: But the good news is the damaged section is almost grown out. There were nine in our class and w/an odd number of students I always opted to work on myself. If I had to blame somebody I could only blame myself. :silly: Plus I had already seen some of the other's work. Not pretty. :( I have done my own nails for four to five years and sort knew more than the rest of them.
Hi, I mostly just put clear overlays on my nails 'cos they grow very long anyway but have become weak in recent years. I backfil about every 3 weeks unless I'm sporting p&w and then I just cant stop messing :hit: . BTW Geek I quite like the sound of friggin' geek :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
:) Hi!
It's my 1st time posting. I put a new set on every 3 months. However, I will soak off a nail here & there during the interim to try somthing new if I've bought a new product. I love giving myself pinkest pink with whitest white sculpts or pinkest pinks with a glitter acrylic. I hate soaking off. I have Cords bowl & it helps alot however, I want that ultronic thingie so my soaks offs can be even faster!

Mr geek you said the word !!!!!

:shocker: :shocker:
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