How to find a good nail tech?


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Nov 6, 2010
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I have nail overlays for my job as my nails must appear permanently manicured with french. It's a job requirement. I've had bio-gel overlays and am just finding that product too soft and not durable enough. After wearing it for a month I get lifting at the side and chipping on the free-edge. I've had my bio-gel done by two different techs. One of them is a bio educator so I don't think my lifting is really a problem with the tech.

I've decided to have it removed and replaced with L&P overlays for greater hardness and hopefully durability. But how do I find a good tech? My previous techs don't do L&P. It's so important that I find someone excellent who can create very natural overlays and a good french, especially as I don't have enough time to have it soaked off and done again if they botch it up. My nails are short and I keep them that way, they are not quite to the end of my fingertips, so having natural overlays is even more important. On longer nails you can get away with a little more build-up than super short ones.

My previous experiences with L&P have been nothing short of horrendous. Big lumpy overlays that look anything but natural. I hate that obviously acrylic nails look that so many techs end up doing. It's the hardest thing in the world to find a tech with a good eye for aesthetics and the skill to match it. Finding a tech who can yes mix L&P and adhere it to the nails is easy, finding one who can do a good job is very difficult.
Just to add another option, there are some fantastic new gel polishes available such as Gelish and a hybrid product called Shellac.

They would give you the perfect french look, with good durable results for 2 weeks and without excessive product build up as they apply as thinly as polish.

I think it would really be worth looking around to see if you can find someone who provides one of these services. I know Gelish is definately available in Australia as they have a distributor there and CND who created shellac are a massive worldwide company so i'm sure they would be there too!!

:hug: xxx
You are getting lifting at the sides and chipping at the free edge after a month is because you need them rebalanced. At about 2 - 3 weeks depending on your nail plate growth. If your lasting upto a month, you have a very good nail tech IMO :) xx
I totally agree With above posts, me myself being hard on my nails rebalance my nails or re-shellac them every 2 weeks min,, otherwise i experience the same, it really is prevention better than cure.,x
You are getting lifting at the sides and chipping at the free edge after a month is because you need them rebalanced. At about 2 - 3 weeks depending on your nail plate growth. If your lasting upto a month, you have a very good nail tech IMO :) xx

Sorry, I need to clarify. I had the original overlays done and then exactly 2 weeks later had the rebalance done. The month is the total time I've been wearing bio. I get the chipping and lifting occuring on about day 9 of wear. I get about 3mm of growth every 2 weeks and so need my nails done about every 10 days with 2 weeks between jobs being the absolute maximum I can go. I agree it's probably not an issue with my tech and I'm certainly not complaining about their work.

I couldn't get a L&P appointment on my one day off, so I'm booked in to have the bio removed, shellac with a mani, and I'll see how that goes. Shellac service here is very cheap only $25 (polish only), so to have that done even weekly if need be might suit, although I'm concerned about my nails drying out from the regular soak offs. I already have dry peeling nails even though I use oil twice daily.

But I'll go with the Shellac first and then move onto L&P if that doesn't pan out.
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Are you hard in your nails? What length do you wear? What do you do daily/proffesionally or personally. I think in my personal opinion you may have a very dramatic C curve ( look down the barrell of your nail, like pointing at yourself, and how much does your nail curve?) also these types off nails are prone to chipping at fRee edge( I experience it myself with clients)

As miss owen said I would look for a local tech whom can shellac., seeing is believing. Xx
My nails are worn very short. Not quite the end of my fingertips. I never wear them longer than that. I am a flight attendant and so dehydration is a constant issue. I cannot wear just normal polish because I was experiencing daily breakage and peeling even with the short length. I never put my bare hands in cleaning chemicals at home, always use gloves. I think it's probably a combinaton and poor nail condition and the environment in which I work. I was a lifetime biter but haven't bitten them for about 10yrs now. I've not had extensions or tips on them either for at least 5yrs.

What I have found is that since doing this job every part of my beauty routine has needed to become specialised to deal with the environment. The altitude and 10% relative humidity for 12hrs at a time takes it's toll. :confused:
Ohh yes well you are most definatley hard on your nails and you hopefully have been using a penetrating oil such as CNDs Solar oil to help hydrate your overlay and natural nail? Also shellac would be a great thing for you, I wish I lived closer as I would gaurntee if I tried you with the product you would love it( done correctly) . Hope you find a solution soon xxx
I would suggest Gelish with an extra layer of structure.
Im a hairdresser & quite hard on my nails & this seems to work for my weak, thin peely nails
Funnily enough I do alot of hairdressers with l&p enhancments /nno, to which I have converted to shellac and I find these types of nails (long beds ,deep c curve) are ideal for shellac as opposed to gel/l&p. Xxx
I used to have a nightmare with calgel on my nails which is pretty similar to bio, since changing to shellac I have had no problems but do have to use solar oil everyday as my nails are prone to curl in slightly at free edge (even when nails are short)
It has been said before would you not condition your hair or use moisturiser? your nails are the same :) hth :hug: xx

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