How to put “no refund” politely


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I have recently switched brands and I use the entire The Manicure Company hard gel collection including lamp.

Client wanted v long extensions which would already make them less stronger. She knew I was testing a new brand which was why they were cheaper. Her nails also were not in the best condition.

But two nails have “fallen off” clean. How do I put this politely that I will not offer a refund? I cannot fix them as I am on holiday and she knew from the start and from the Facebook post I was testing the brand/products.

Or should I give a refund? I only done them for £15 so just under half price.


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You say they ‘popped off’ which implies that the enhancements are still in tact but didn’t stick rather than the nail breaking at the stress point (so the longer length isn’t really the issue).

You haven’t said how long they actually lasted?

I don’t think I’d want to use ordinary paying clients to test out a new product range unless it was made explicitly clear to them at the time and then I’d normally offer the service at a very reduced price.

What was discussed and agreed at the time you carried out the service?

I’d probably refund if either;

a) I knew I’d not done as good a professional job as usual or,
b) I realised that the product wasn’t as good quality as my usual brand or
c) she’s a regular client who I don’t want to lose