How was africa?


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Dec 16, 2003
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Hope you had a lovely time out in that beautiful country - you must tell us all about it.....It seems like you have been gone for months not weeks.....You'll be pleased to hear I've got my fabric kit at last I love it - few teeting probs but will sort them soon...anyway good to see you back...roll on June when pass my VCTC so can do L&P conversion...
Hi Louise,

Well Arica was an eye opener in many ways for me.
First of all it is spectacularly beautiful. That coastline 'round the Cape and all the Space they have is so different to the UK. The people have a fantastic sense of style that is clearly seen in their homes, the hotels and acccommodation as well as the beautiful African art work that is produced. The level of service is amongst the best I have had anywhere and the Cape Grace Hotel was a treat as it has been voted the Best Hotel in the World several times. Food also was great everywhere we went, and at all levels.

There is a fantastic 'feeling' in the country of upward mobility as everyone strives to work together to beat poverty and make better lives. The level of 'forgiveness' since the democracy was formed is quite unbelievable and an example to the whole world on how to attempt to do things right. It doesn't happen overnight; It has been 10 years since apartide was abolished ... but people are trying hard and one can feel this.

Zimbabwe to me was sad. We visited the Victoria Falls there and it is clear that the once mighty, prosperous country has been brought to its knees by its leadership. Food is scarce as is every basic need. Of course Victoria Falls itself is prosperous because of the tourists but you can see signs of neglect and lack of funds everywhere. You can only spend US dollars there (even if you go th the bank and get them changed into Zimbabwe dollars they wont let you pay with them unless you have a Zimbabwe passport) ... and the price the tourist pays for everything is inflated at the whim of whoever is collecting your money. For example .. for a local to see Victoria Falls it cost 1$ for Simon and myself it was 20 US$ EACH!! Everything was like that. We were glad to leave.

So it was all round an exciting and interesting trip and South Africa I loved ... property is to die for and very cheap so if anyone is thinking of starting a new life ... what a place to go.
Welcome home Geeg and glad you had a lovely time. By the way, don't tell my dad about the price of property over there as I don't think I would be able to stop him!! He never wanted to leave in the first place!!!

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