I could just burst!!


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Mar 15, 2003
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I get to help out at a Creative booth at the show in council bluffs, iowa, just as a master this weekend, I am leaving tomorrow night and I could just burst! I love creative and I love the people around here like Alicia, LaShawn, and Nikki B! I am so nervous to make a good impression!! I am so excited I could burst!! I just can't wait to get there and prove what a valuable asset I could be, oh man I leave tomorrow!! lol....most of my friends think I am crazy or just weird but I knew you guys would get it!! Thanks for letting me rattle on!! oh my gosh, yippeeeee!!!!!!!
Go Girl!!

You'll do just great, show'em your mosaics entry!
Just to say Good Luck!!

Go and show 'em what you can do hun! :)

Enjoy yourself :sunny:
Say hi to the rest of my Creative family and give Nicki a big hug and kiss from me.
She and I were buddies at the launch of SpaPedicure a good few years ago.
Lovely person, very knowledgeable Master technicain and educator/ambassador.
Wish I could pop in and say hi in person.
Enjoy the experience - I liked your entry for the mosaic contest - original and cute idea.
have a great time

:D :D :D
thanks you guys! I feel like I am taking a step towards my dreams and I do not want to trip over the rug...lol...geeg, nikki won't be at this one, I was just listing a few awesome educators over here in the midwest, I think alicia b-m will be there and crystal y. thanks for all your support gang I knew I could count on you to see past the crazy...lol

I am off to finish packing and I will give a report when I return monday!!
Good Luck.......but most of all.....enjoy!!!!!
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