i got rid of the air bubbles!!!


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Aug 30, 2007
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doncaster s yorks
ive been struggling for months to get rid of the air bubbles in my tips and today ive finally done it! on monday my mum asked if i would do two gel extentions as her nails had broken but i only had trainer glue so bought some opi adhesive and decided to use that on the nail trainer today stuck 1st time no air bubbles!!! and took seconds! now just got to master the bumpy gel lol:) oh and my mum loved her nails and her nail tech said they looked really good for a beginner! confident boost or what!!!
well done hun...by the sounds of it you have been training and practising hard and it paid off!!!xxx
A good product can make the world of difference. Good luck.
Good for you!!!
Great to hear you found a product that works for you! good luck :)
Hi there!
Thank goodness somebody else has been going through the same thing as me!!! I was almost going to give up!! Thanks so much for posting about this. I can't tell you how much better you make me feel. Could I just ask which OPI adhesive you used? I'll get some ASAP and let you know if it works for me.
i just bought it from the wholesalers its just in a red bottle and says opi nail adhesive hope this helps xxx
Thanks for that! I've just tried again with the nail trainer glue and no success so I've decided to leave it for tonight. I'll get to the wholesalers asap. A large glass of wine is helping me get over the ordeal of it all!!!!

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