i need a decent silver striper pen!


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Aug 30, 2007
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doncaster s yorks
ive bought a few of these so far and none of them show up! im looking for a strong silver striper pen if it has glitter i dont care! (just to see the product would be good!:mad:) does anyone know where i can get a really good one from???
ohhh bugger that dont help does it...it says they are all discontinued !!!
I use the stripe rites from NSI, lovely and silvery, not wishy washy at all xx
Hollywood nails are the best silver metallic and glitters that i have found although i love the flexibrush ones as well but hollywood are cheap as well.
I tried the ones at nsi and didnt think anything too them infact i felt like I totally wasted 30 squid
Get a spangles or the like striping brush from sallys and then you can stripe in whatever polish that you have available with a perfect colour. The longer the striping brush the better and easier it is to stripe.
I use a silver Orly polish available from Grafton International :)

hth Jo x
i also have a prolem with this i have tried loads and what works best for me is rimmel, lycra, finninsh silver nail polish and a triper brush. works a treat and get perfect silver block colour.
I find a striper brush in polish better as well and means you can have a bigger variety of colours. However find cleaning the striper really difficult. Does anyone have any ideas on this??

Whenever i use polish remover it tends to pull out the hairs on my striper brush!
I like the ones by Nubar
I love the Nubar as well.

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