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Jan 11, 2003
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I have been asked to write a section of a book that will be coming out later in the year; I was going to tell you all who the writer is but I'm not actually sure if I can:rolleyes: (you all know this person:green: though). Anyway, it is about NAILS (duhh of course) in the UK and 'this person' has 10 people from across the globe writing their two-penneth on their own countries likes and dislikes...

OK cut-to-the-chase Samantha... :rolleyes: :idea:
I need to know...what nail styles - meaning shape, length, colour (pink/white, all one colour, nail art, coloured l+p/gel...yadda yadda) do your clients lean towards?? Is it what they want?? or is what you provide??? In Leeds, many clients are loving the almond and stiletto look with coloured tips and pink middles but I would love feedback from around the UK if possible - this obviously includes our Scottish, Welsh and Irish Geeks. Many thanks to those of you who reply!!

...:rolleyes: and I know what you are all like so before you ask - I shall be thanking the UK Geeks/Geekettes rather than individulas!!! Thanks again:biggrin:
hi mrs geek i live in south tyneside i started out in jan 2004 i have 5 regular clients 3 like the french pink with white tips and 2 like the colour polish i get the feed back that the french look is what they prefer especialy in the younger age group:) i do this on natural nails.

hope this is any help
regards lynda
peaches said:
hi mrs geek i live in south tyneside i started out in jan 2004 i have 5 regular clients 3 like the french pink with white tips and 2 like the colour polish i get the feed back that the french look is what they prefer especialy in the younger age group:) i do this on natural nails.

hope this is any help
regards lynda
Lynda thank you - what shape do they prefer - oval, square etc etc??
Mrs Geek said:
Lynda thank you - what shape do they prefer - oval, square etc etc??
sorry, out of the 5 they they all prefer the rounded lynda:)
Hiya Samantha,
Where i live in cheshire, The clients always ask for pink and whites, in both gel and L&P. The most popular shapes are oval and square.
Also some like them long, But most have shorter length.
The few clients I have in the West Midlands all prefer short, square, pink & whites. Myself, I prefer longer square nails but have not been able to talk my clients into anything longer than working length. Also, even if I have been wearing air-brushed nail art, my clients lean towards pink and whites... they do look lovely though don't they....!!?

All the best
Hiya samantha

I live in grimsby and our most poular shape is square with the corners sightly softened and french, however coloured tips and oval is coming on strong, natural length not too long!!
Hi Mrs Geek,
I am in Glasgow area, and only ever get asked for pink and whites. I find the more mature ( :lol: ) clients like an oval shape, medium length, whilst the twenty and thirty something girls stil like 'em square. (with the exception of moi-50-something -I luv 'em long and square)
luv June.
here in cornwall I think there is a real variety depending on which bit of the county you work in.

All of my clients are over 25, most but not all are under 50. Most of them want pink and white, generally softer white. Most come to me having not been given a choice at their previous salon where they had square nails. When given a choice they do not want square any more. There is an equal split when given a choice between oval and "squoval" - the younger clients generally wanting squoval nails. The almond shape is starting to become popular but I think that is because mine are generally almond and I push the style. Length is short/active with very few exceptions. I do not offer nail art because noone ever wants it! (All the kit is in the cupboard at home)

More adventurous styles such as coloured free edge or glitter is chosen only for special occasions/glitter - and then fairly rarely. I have no clients who choose this for general wear.

Colours are fairly unpopular on fingers, but on toes, well anything goes. In the summer they all like the gel colours - bright, sparkly, rhinestones and even 3d gel nail art occasionally. Our most popular toe style is "The Bollywood" - a simple red gel colour with row of 6 rhinestones along the free edge on the big toe. Next most popular is fushia pink, followed by permanent gel french.
hiya mrs geek

im in the teeside area and 95% my clients want pink and white, squareval, not many like the oval shape, tho i must admit that on some people it looks very nice. i prefer the squareval shape on myself as i think it mimics the natural nail growth better
Hi Samantha

Congrats on such a great project - here on the Surrey/Sussex borders just about everyone has pink and whites although a few prefer the soft white. Majority want oval but some (again mostly younger ones) prefer square/squoval. Good luck x
hi samantha

leicester area here :green:

well out of my clients the most popular is wait for it ;) stilletto glitter acrylic mmmmmmm don't know why lol but i seem to do more of them each week which of course you know i do love to do them

the rest of my clients are mainly french acrylic square shape
Here in the central part of London, the business square mile.............

I try to give them a shape that enhances the nail..........
So we have a consultation about the shape and the look......
We discuss the look, the suitability and their lifestyle....
but in figure it is:
50% square
35% squoval
10% almond
5 % stiletto

75% French look
25% an enamel

70% enhancements or natural nail wraps
30 % natural nail care

Mostly active length, not many will go much loger than that.......due to workin on keyboards etc.
Not much call for funky designs as their work usualy prohibits them from going to funky....... Shame but hey it's their call!!!!!
I`m from Essex, as if you all didn`t know, lol........
I must have the most boring clients, bless them but I have to push to get them to have pink and white, mostly they want a natural looking nail enhancements with a round shape too, active length. I onlyhave one or two that will be a bit adventurous and try different things. But then as my Daughter reliably informs me, all my clients are `old`........at least 42, lol, so yes I must be past it too
Dublin here......... My lot vary, ages are between 20 and 80 (!), and yet the other week I was begged by two mothers to put 'occasional nails' onto their 12 year old daughters for their confirmation - don't they grow up quickly these days!?!

Shape - mainly square, some oval, none of them will go for the almond shape though. I'll advise them on what I think would be the best shape, most go with what I say, a few just dig their heels in and have the shape they want.

I'd like to be able to give percentages of who has what, but they change their minds from visit to visit. Most new clients have asked for pink & whites, which they've had, but will sit there looking at my nail art boards and next time ask for airbrushing. I have about 5 regulars who fell in love with my nails when I wore a Boogie Nights (glitter acrylics) blend with airbrushed flowers on top and now they insist on having the same sort of thing each time - boogie nights powders with some kind of airbrushing on top.

About 3 people can only wear an active length french manicure during the week due to their job, but, during the weekend or for special occasions they've tried most everything, Boogie Nights, glitter tips, airbrushed, rhinestones galore and as Ella said, anything goes on the toes, but I find this is during the summer and the feet tend to get forgotten during the winter.

Length - most of them have active length, four ladies have me put on long square enhancements for the weekend with crazy airbrushing but take the nail file to them themselves on Sunday night and shorten them a bit for work - they paint over them but I use Faze 2 over their airbrushing so they can take the enamel off and still have the airbrushing on for evenings throughout the week!

But this is just my clients. I think the majority in Dublin tend to have P&W's, but only because there are no alternatives in most of the salons right now, but this is gradually changing and the interest is there because I've had salons from all over Ireland, including the North, asking me to do some in-salon training for them.

Overall I think my lot just have what they feel like on the day! I'm usually never without airbrushed nail art, but for the past 2 weeks I have been sporting a lovely french manicure, active length (normally talons!) oval in shape (usually square) with a coat of my favourite CND enamel ~ 'Negligee', and it looks lovely!

Just thought I'd mention, the 80 yr old client of mine has round, 'natural' tipped enhancements with a CND enamel - the colour varies.

You GUYS ROCK - That is so awsome!!! Seems to be as I thought - Pink & White still reigning as the most popular of the looks...I so appreciate your help and will let you know ALL when I can!!

Would be nice to have Norfolk, Suffolk, Birmingham (Glors), Manchester, Notts, Devon, Wales, Bristol - really any not mentioned; just want to make sure that what I say is an approxiamate representation - Should have got Ella to do this really :biggrin: :rolleyes: !!!!
Hi, bucks/northants border.....

I've got 6 clients (i only intended to do my own nails & work full time as well)

All six of mine as well as myself are french and 2 prefer round nails with the rest square. All also like them long.

Hope this helps.....


Warwickshire area here :biggrin:

90% of my clients have pink/white, square with rounded edges
10% natural white, round/oval

majority of my clients have them long but workable, do not paint any of them as they prefer the french manicure look.
Hello me darlin'...............Sunny Suffolk here!!

It seems to be 50/50 here for pink & whites and natural....and again 50/50 for square (with rounded edges) and sqoval/oval.

Most go for a workable length.

signing off
Dizzy Dellie xxx
Ok here's my bit, i live near portsmouth.
I must be quite lucky, most of my clients like something a bit funky!
Most clients prefer square shape, but i've just gone stilletoed so will see how soon they follow suit, and i probably do as many if not more funky glitter nails as pink and whites,
I have the odd client that prefers rounded/ naturals/painted mainly my more mature clients.
love Paula xxxx
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