if you had to choose what kind of gel to use???


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if you had to choose between gel it (ezflow), brisa (creative) or ibd what would it b

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Apr 24, 2007
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if you had to choose what kind of gel to use, what would it be??

the choices are
gel it (ez flow)
brisa (creative)

just to know
I use Brisa and I love it:)
I also use Brisa and love it so much:)
I have never used any other Gel so have nothing to compare it to.
For a file off gel it has to be Brisa....if only CND did a foundation course in it:irked:.
It is strong,so natural when sculpted,files off like a dream,i have not experienced heat spike,the finish is lovely,there are bold colours,shimmer colours,and along side a soak off gel this would be my ultimate choice:)
I use Gel It! for my sculpting and for a buff off gel and IBD for soak off & gel colours. Don't have any problems with either and can trust both makes as they are the same manufactures ( both A.I.I products ).

I find that Brisa's pink is too dark ( all depends on what you and your clients are used too):)
It's quite odd that you give 3 choices
2. IBD
3 gel it, which is quite obscure in many countries (very obscure) I wouldn't even put it anywhere near the other 2 choices given, actually gel-it would have to be about another 6 places down, can you please try and be realistic without promoting a product, because out of your list, gel-it will always come last and realistically so. (which would be unfair in such a short list), even though you mention it first.
I use NSI Gel's. Altho i like them alot i find that sculpting with the builder gel is very hard, I store them at room temp but them still seem to need a lot of softening up
i live in belgium, and those are the common gels we use, there are not many others in use. and if so there are no courses to be followed for them. so there for those 3. thank you
Gel It

But NSI Balance is right up there too
I've tried many gels and love Gel It from EZ Flow.

The thing is though, it is all down to skill level and what YOU find easier to work with. Its all down to personal preference.

We all know whose gels are great but you may not be able to work with them. I have to admit i hated Gel It when i first tried it, but once i did the training for it, i loved it.

Its all down to choice and training.

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