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Do-it-all Deb

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Apr 18, 2004
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Hiya all,

I'm going to start offering ladies pamper parties and can't quite decide on the format. I've read lots of previous threads so have some fab ideas but maybe a few too many!

Is it better to go:

A) the Virgin Vie route and do one treatment such as mani or pedi and then make your money from retailing and promoting your business OR

B) do a treatment and then talk guests through working on each other again making money through the selling OR

C) charge a fee (somewhere between £5 and £10) and then offer treatments performed by yourself of say 15 to 20 mins long and also include a goodie bag. Of course you can still sell, but you are busier just doing the treatments and will not be as available as the other options?

What are the implications of letting guests use your stuff, eg is spa mani/pedi stuff too expensive etc and therefore you should stick to scentsations and solar?

I will also offer my services at school functions etc for indulgence evenings but I think I have that sussed from the posts!

So ladies help me out, I am overdosed on ideas :confused: :confused: :confused:
Hi Debbie,

I have done this for a compant called nutrimetics. You have to tell people to use spatulas with your products. I often dished out the foot scrub for instance. You can get the people to work in pairs and you demonstate on one model the person who hosts. I can give you more information-also Nutrimetics products are really good i just earn the money from retailing on the night and then get booking at the end with a prize draw and things. Hope this has helped you.

Hi Debbie

Good questions! I had a similar problem when i did my first one, I charged £5 for a mini manicure with a couple of fingers of nail art, and also offered tooth gems. But didn't have as much time as i would like retailing my products! I did a talk before hand, explaining breifly about manicures etc, and about enhancements, (safe Quality Ones!), I kept it friendly and suprisingly i really enjoyed it (after all the panic beforehand! :eek: ). What I would say is, try and take someone else with you, maybe a friend or mum (bless them, they do come in handy!), and they can help with the retailing side of things! You will then be able to answer any questions put to you without feeling too pushed for time.

Not only did I enjoy it and make a bit of money, I got 4 more clients from it as well.

HTH, and good luck!

Sue x
Just wanted to bump this one up to see if anyone has any further input. I've also had another thought related to these evenings and that is what is the best selling Creative pedicure products for retailing? I know cucumber heel therapy is great, but if you have the mini sample pots for example,does anyone buy the larger size, or is that a case of wait and let the product sell itself after useage!
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