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Apr 14, 2003
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hi guys
if anyone has any tips that they have picked up along the way on how to do the best possible infills pleeeeassee let me know!!
no offense mr geek but i tried to read and understand your tutorials but i found them a bit confusing may be because i did not understand the phases that you where using diff training school and all that ........... or maybe i just a bit thick lol
thanks nickki jones ;)
Who did you train with Nicola?

hi sue
i trained with carlton insitute of beauty therapy in windsor berkshire sounds posh but it was only one day man/ped and one day gel,acrylic,fiberglass training cost loads of money and came away very very confused (and skint) :? but have put in loads of practice and dont seem to be doing too bad at the mo i also bought the Essentail nails acrylic training vid to help to remind me of the bit that i had forgot on the training which has proved invaluable (i have also paid out for the airbrush course recently as their courses seem to be good and a maintinance vid which im waiting on to help with the infill dilema) when i have got the hang of my infills then i will be ready to get on and make some money get ole mr visa off my back lol
how about you?
nickki jones
Hi Nicola, My first course was with Carlton in Windsor and though I dont want to go around badmouthing people I have yet to meet anyone who thinks it was worth all that dosh :( They just bombard you with too much info in too short a time dont they? - and even then its the VERY basics. I think you're doing the right thing by sourcing more info - and when your credit card is ready I would try and get some more hands-on training under your belt - this time by someone reputable. Pity we didnt discover Creative before we parted with all that cash isnt it - I think we could have done the Foundation course for the same money :rolleyes:
Hi Nicola

Sorry I don't have any tips on infills accept practise! I'm still new and I'm slow at infills but slowly but surely I'm get quicker. I practise by putting the poduct on a tip but about thirds up the nail (leaving a third of the tip exposed) to pretend its grown out and then I file in down and reapply. I've found doing this has helped me get quicker and be better at it.

Also try looking at I've found this site really useful and it has step by step maintence. Hope this helps :)
There is a Creative Master Class called Real Rebalancing that covers practically all the advice you didn't quite get in the written form, from the Geek.

There is nothing better than working on a problem 'one 2 one' with an educator. All the writing in the world is not better than the real thing. One to one classes are not expensive as you pay by the hour (about the same cost as a full set) and only what you want covered is covered.

However if you do a Master Class - you will have already completed part of your Master Qualification!! They are very reasonably priced as well. ;)
nailsbynicola said:
no offense mr geek but i tried to read and understand your tutorials but i found them a bit confusing may be because i did not understand the phases that you where using diff training school and all that


Sounds like you were left for a loop with your previous training. I can see how the novel or tutorial may have left you a bit confused if the training was severly lacking.
It would be helpful to know where you are having problems. Helpful hints for a rebalance is a MASSIVE topic... where are you ahving problems?

Hi Nikki,
I have a copy of maintenance video by Gina wallace and have found it extremely helpful but I am also about to go on a creative course (cant wait). Check out the forum on lineout as Geeg gives some very good advice on infills.
I too have just bought the maintinance vid and it is realy good !
hopefully it will help me inprove!!
i think realy for the cost of my training they should have covered it but nope not a mention on the day and i didnt realise until after that this needed doing (having never had my own nails done!)
thanks for everyones help
nickki x
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