Insurance companies for mobile therapists?


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Mar 15, 2012
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Can anyone give me some names of good insurance companies please. My existing insurance is due to expire and the premium has gone up loads! Want to shop around but struggling to find companies that cover for what we do. Thank you xx
I'm with salon gold they have been great ;-)
I'm with salon gold too they're very good!! xx
I'm with Salon Gold too. They are very reasonably priced and always answer any queries quickly. xx
And me was about £72..x
Another vote for salon gold
I'm with ABT. £42 for mobile nail technician and free subscription to Scratch magazine. :biggrin:
me too - i'm with Salon Gold also :)
I'm also with salon gold! X
I've just taken out insurance with the beauty guild. It cost £98 so a bit more- hope I've not been ripped off!!
No not at all night owl I offer hair extensions too so needed somewhere that covers all aspects of beauty treatments. I'd had a quote from Axa and wait for it......they wanted £254 for the year!! I'm now the proud owner of a Salon Gold Policy all for £45!! Thank you Geeks! xx
I'm with the guild. Not had to 'use' them touch wood but comforting to know they are easy to get in touch with. They are even on SG!
Vicki x
I'm with Salon Gold and sorry to slightly change the subject but I've been meaning to contact them and keep forgetting so hopefully someone on here can help me out. Do they have a general rule on the age of a client? My friend's daughter would like them done who is 14 - is this OK with Salon Gold and if so do I need to get a signed authorisation form from the mum to do it on her?


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