Insurance confusion! Am I covered?


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Feb 23, 2012
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Clevedon, Bristol
Hi I was trained with Lush Us Uk and purchased Salon Gold mobile / freelance hairdressing insurance in which it included hair extensions. After flicking through my training guide the other day I noticed "salon gold" was scribbled out. I remember scribbling it out but can't remember why. The only reason I can think of is that it wasn't the right insurance if I wasn't a hairdresser. I am only a technician.

I have wrote to my insurance and asked for another copy of the terms and conditions. Another thing which makes me suspicious is that i didn't need to send a copy of my certificate.

If anyone knows if salon gold is only for qualified hair dressers? Or is it for qualified technicians as well?

Any advice would be wonderful.


SJ x
My salons are insured with salon gold, I didnt have to show certs, just confirm the qualifications and names of those covered. If you are a hairdresser, you will be covered for doing hair. If not, you wont be.
hiya ive not yet purchased insurance are there any youd recommend? i am nvq level 3 qualified so i do hair extensions perming and chemical straightening so ill need insurance to cover this.

i do know that the insurance companies dont ask to see your certificates to allow your insurance to go through. they will only need to see them if someone puts in a claim to them. in which case if you dont have proof your qualified they will not cover the claim hope that helps x:)
I've just been in contact salon gold will insure me as just a hair extension technician. I would recommend them very helpful and polite, none of this press 1, press 5, press 7, press, 2981632 stuff! Quick and easy!
Yea but will they insure you to cut the extensions hair and washing and drying hair???
Cut yes because I'm taught to cut wash and dry probably not
Salon gold only cover you to do hair extensions of you are a qualified hairdresser, I would call them x
I have called them and said I am not a hair dresser and they said I am cover for extensions as I am trained in them cus that's what I thought so I thought I'd ring them to check I'm still confused I think I'll ring and check again with someone else.
I am a beauty therapist doing hair extensions all I had to do was add it on and pay another fiver. I'm not a hairdresser. Hope that helps xx

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