Is anyone else as paranoid as I am!!!


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Jun 2, 2003
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Tadley, Hants & Dublin, Ireland
I have (in recent months) become fanatical about not using Pens which shop assistants give me to sign my credit card slip with incase the person before me had warts etc - i carry a pen of my own in my wallet and won't lend it to anyone!!!

The other night in the shops i couldn't find my pen and insisted on ransacking through my handbag until i found a pen of my own to use!!! The shop assistant was more than annoyed, my husband was mortified, but i was adamant that there was NO WAY i was using a pen that god knows who else had used!!!!

Is it just me....or does anyone else feel the same, i explained the reason to the checkout girl and she looked at me as if i was mad!!

Hi Lou,
There are so many people with little quirks and phobias that seem silly to others but to the sufferer, it's very real and frightening.
At the moment, your problem is not something that's really controlling your life is it.... I mean, you can carry your own pen around and deal with things that way. However, if you feel that your problem is getting worse in any way at all, you should really seek specialist help - cos there is nothing worse than phobias to absolutely control your life.
Perhaps you could try to overcome this now - nip it in the bud - so to speak, you'll be so proud of yourself if you can conquer it.
Hope you can find the courage to deal with it.
All the best

hmm i dont think your paranoid i just think you are focusing on this for some unknown reason. I dont think (not a doctor so dont know for a fact) that you can catch warts from a pen. Youd be more likely to catch a cold from one..........
God i hope i didnt just make that worse.......
Well, as someone who works some of the time in a shop, and as a holistic therapist, i would have to say (in the nicest way possible) yes, you are being paranoid. And by that i mean unusually or unreasonbly worried - not an insulting way, but in the real meaning of the word.
As they others have said, it sounds as though you may actually have a bit of a problem going on there. Maybe you could check out whether you may have some symptoms of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) or a phobia that may be starting to get out of control.
On a practical note - if you have a strong immune system you are less likely to catch warts - so eat those veggies and fruit and do all those other good things :)

Living with someone (namely my hubby) who suffers from OCD is sometimes VERY frustrating and over time it can begin to affect your normally daily life. His problems started about 6 years ago and I have seen a marked deterioration of his lifestyle in that time. What started off as sensible precautions - switching off sockets, checking doors are locked etc, has turned into a daily nightmare. He switches off ALL sockets so I constantly have to reset video timer etc, he checks the doors are locked repeatedly so it takes about half an hour to actually go to bed, he snaps at the kids for leaving lights/tv/stereo on even if they are just leaving the room for a couple of mins to go to the loo etc, he will only use one certain bowl/mug/spoon and NOBODY can touch it! He has to check and recheck everything from alarm clock being set to locked doors and we have had to return home on more than one occasion coz hes not sure if the gas has been left on (even if I havent been cooking) or if he or I DEFINITELY locked the door when we left.

Although I am not suggesting your little personal trait about pens will ever develop into something as debilatating as this, it might be an idea to see if you can work out why you feel this way and try (with help if needs be) to overcome it. 6 years ago the odd little quirks he had were just seen as a bit funny but now it affects not only him but the rest of us living with him and it can be very stressful sometimes.

I hope I havent upset or offended you in any way - I just wanted to make you aware of how life changing OCD can be if its not dealt with early on.

This is anxiety based and you really need to look at why you feel this way ?
I have had ocd myself for many years and if your not careful it takes over your life {really}.
What Shaza as written is so true, Look at this logically.
Even if you got a wart off a pen ,(which is highly unlikley) it is treatable it wouldnt kill you. So dont cause yourself this anxiety any longer :)
Because little acorns grow into big trees :rolleyes:
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