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Sep 6, 2010
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Hi All,

I am a new nail tec and also new to this forum so I am sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place. Basically I need some advice as I can't make any sence of this.

I rent a space in a Hair Salon and one of the hair clients asked to be booked in with me. I saw her to do an l&p full set as she was going on holiday the next day and wanted nice nails for her trip. I made sure to prep correctly etc. She was really nice and was happy with her nails and left me a tip. I asked about infills and she said she would contact me when she got back..........Almost 4 weeks later she comes in to the salon and speaks to one of the hair dressers there saying her nails were a disaster and they started lifting 2 days into her holiday.

Apparently she had to get them fixed by another technician while she was out there which cost her £30.00. She showed the "fixed" set to the hairdresser. Obviously, this complaint got told to the salon owner and the owner asked me to call the client and offer a free set as she didn't want her salon getting a bad name.

Here is the strange bit, I called the client, she told me the same about the lifting etc, and I told her I was sorry and offered to do a free set so I could see what problem was (as she took off the nails herself now, the only person who saw them was the hairdresser) then, she tells me that the tec she went to put gel over my acrylic work to fix it and stop it lifting. I don't do gels but is this right? They are two different systems. Wouldn't you soak off/file off the acrylic and apply a new set? Then she says she still wants to be my client saying I am a lovely girl etc. So I tell her that is fine and book her in. I say to her, if she has any breaks after I do her full set to contact me and I will repair them for free. She says,"Oh no don't worry about it I will just repair it with superglue". So I tell her that it is my job to maintain nails as well as put them on. She keeps saying don't worry about it. I leave it to avoid an arguement.

Does all this seem weird to any of you as well? She seems so nice so it is hard to think she is messing me about and I keep asking myself why would she bother with all this anyway. Am I just being green & stupid? If I am being taken for a ride, how should I deal with her? I don't want any more complaints going to the salon owner..........Help please!!!! Sorry if this has been very long winded Lol Michelle
Welcome to the site. Your post is indeed in the right place for any nail related questions.

The real question is did her nails LIFT after 2 days when she went on her vacation? If they did then a free full set should be applied. You will have to take her word for that one.

As for ongoing service ... No freebies even if she breaks nails ... Breakage is her fault not yours. if she interferes with your work by using Super Glue then nothing is done for free at all. If she has any other type of problems you need to view them immediately or not offer free redos on just the client's word.

Finally the clients should be coming directly to you if they have any queries or complaints NOT the other lady. To me this is the most telling feature of your account of all this. By going 'above your head' so to speak, I do indeed feel that she was looking for a free service. I would tell the hairdresser to direct any and all complaints or enquiries to YOU and only you and not to get involved.

You rent and run your own business within a salon ... YOUR business ... Be firm and make them realise that. It is your reputation on the line not theirs.
Hello Gigi,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me!! I have taken on board everything you have said. I have quite a mild nature and I think I do need to be more confident in myself when dealing with clients and running my business as otherwise I will keep having problems. I will follow your advice Gigi and thanks again for your help. Lol Michelle
I would definatly tell the salon owner that if there are any complaints in future to not deal with them herself and to contact you instead.
This happened to me where a client complained to salon owner as I wasnt in and they offered a free treatment! Not realising its my product and time she was giving away for free! When I hadnt done anything wrong in the first place.

I wouldnt worry about this client too much! She has already said she will be back to you anyway! And if she doesnt then no big loss!

Have you thought about getting an aftercare leaflet done to give to all clients? And on it you can put that if there are any problems to contact YOU asap so you can assess it and try rectify it.

Agree with gigi, dont fix breakages for free! Wasnt your fault it broke so why should you fix for free and use your time and products?
If a client knows all breakages have to be paid for they will look after their nails more! If they know they will get it fixed free then they wont take care of them and be careless!
Sweet Squared have beautiful printed material for your clients including Client Record cards. They are not expensive and look oh so professional and just how we like our CND nail technicians to look. In packs of 50

You will firm up over time in your business outlook (it's about the only thing that does firm up over time believe me lol so that is a plus). You just lack experience but we who have much are happy to give it back to you. Never be afraid to ask.

Even though you are within another salon, make no mistake .. when you rent that space, the clients and the space are YOURS and yours alone to deal with over matters such as complaints or praise. Best of luck. Remember people respect you when you are firm ... not rude, not hard faced, just nice an friendly and firm .. clients too. :hug:
Hi Karenrose,

I do have an aftercare leaflet on how to look after nails etc., but maybe clients are not reading it (it is a bit long). Just to add, I think this site is fantastic and has help me no end. It's great to speak to people who have "been there and done that" like yourself. Lol, Michelle
Hello Gigi,

I made my own aftercare leaflet, but I will definately think about using CND's as you are right that they look more professional and thus, clients might choose to read them rather than throwing them in the nearest bin, which is what I think happens with mine. Lol, Michelle
Hi :)

I just want to second what everyone else has said.

You will gain confidence in what you do and as a business woman over time. I know exactly how you feel, i was there once too, you just want to please everyone before yourself! Once you have had more clients, good feedback etc your confidence in your abilities will improve and you will be more firm with your clients and less likely to be taken for a ride in such situations.

Everything will click into place...believe me! :)

Good luck!

Sarah x

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