Itchy skin after waxing


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May 19, 2010
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Hello all, I am quite new to waxing and having a little problem.

When i wax my own legs, about 3-4 days later, it is really really itchy and driving me mad! :cry: None of my clients have this problem, just me, however i would like to know what to recommend if a client does get this. I use my aftercare cream every day, but doesnt seem to make a difference. Any suggestions?

It only seems to be on my legs. Bikini, underarm etc are fine. I thought maybe my legs were quite dry so have been continously exfoliating and moisturing for the last few months, but it still itches!! I've tried using a wax for sensitive skin too.

Any suggestions appriciated.

Thank you :)
I'm wondering if it's maybe where you've broken the hairs instead of pulling them out from the root. Just guessing though. How about not using the aftercare lotion and seeing how that goes. x
Thank you for your reply, will try this and see how i get on :)
i agree with kim. this sometimes happens to me when iwaxing myself and ive broken some hairs x
It happens to me exactly one week after waxing, I think its a second growth coming out, find it happens if i leave ot too long before i wax.I have to apply lots of moisturiser to the legs and bikini, it drives me mad!!

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