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May 22, 2005
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I know its been a while but alot has happened... Hubby has been away to the other side of the world and left me with my kids..(little angels). Hubbys laptop blew up the day before he left so have been without and means of getting online, until today when i have finally found out what sons password was and could nick his laptop.

I hope everything has been great..
I hope the wedding of the year went well..ohh and happy birthday (sorry its late) Sorry i missed your big day , but..... the wind cought my hat and the train ran over it and i had promised to ware one so could not turn up empty headed..(no comments please)

Will try and pop on every now and then to see how you all are but if son changes password i,m buggered:eek:
Good to have you back geeking with us again Liz ... wondered where you'd go to :hug:
Nice to have you back, hun. :hug:
aww glad your ok hun, was wondering how you were xxxxx
I thought I hadn't seen you around for a while Liz. Thought you must be out and about spreading the lurveeeee, lol:lol:. xx
Welcome back hun

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