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Katie B

Jul 24, 2010
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Blackburn, Lancashire
i just want a bit of advice really, i've just started my nails level2 and where on to putting tips on and blending, but when im practicing the tips are actually coming off....

So how do you blend tips?????
Katie xxxx
I dont want to come across as funny, this i am so not .. xxx If you are on a course are they not showing and telling you how to do this ???

Sarah xx
I have taught many a course and shown the correct techniques to students who still manage to go through the tip well and have the tips fall off.

You're feeling your way. You're new! Of course things like this happen at the start. You have to learn how far you can go and you also need to learn to adhere the tips with enough adhesive and no air bubbles ... Air beneath the tip is a common cause of tips falling off during the blending process.

Look at my tutorial in the tutorials section on file control when blending tips ... I think you will find it helpful.
Blended tips are the ONLY thing that came naturally to me, and when we did em on each other in class I almost KILLED the girl who did mine, damn near filed through my natural nail! I agree with geeg, if you dont use enough glue or you have air bubbles there could be problems, there is a good chance you'll never blend it and pop the sucker off. Were you shown the stop, rock and hold method for applying your tips? Ahhh I hope that's what you'd call it over there! Watch geeg's tutorial, she's the goddess of nails!

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